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What is Credential Evaluation?
What can an evaluation do for me?
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When is a degree earned outside of the United States, viewed as equal to those earned at a US regionally accredited college or university.


What is Credential Evaluation

Credential evaluation is the conversion of foreign or alternative academic credentials into U.S. or Canadian educational equivalents. NAHE produces an individualized, written report describing each certificate, diploma or degree you have earned and specifying its standard U.S. or Canadian equivalent. 


What can an evaluation do for me?

By converting your educational qualifications into standard U.S. or Canadian equivalents, the evaluation allows academic institutions or employers in the U.S. or Canada to understand them. It also gives you an indication of what to expect when you present your educational credentials for study or employment in the U.S. or Canada.

If you are seeking employment in a regulated occupation, the professional association or agency needs to know whether or not your training meets their educational standards required to practice in that country. NAHE will prepare a report that shows how your education meets these requirements.



If you are seeking further education, institutions, colleges, and universities need to know whether or not your credentials meet their admission requirements or transfer credit requirements. First, contact the institution, college or university and ask for details of its requirements for international credential evaluations. 

If you are seeking employment, employers need to know whether or not your credentials meet their educational or training requirements for the job which you have applied. 

Most employers do not understand credentials from other countries. An evaluation report from the National Academy of Higher Education Credential Evaluation Service (NAHE) may help an employer understand your credentials.

Your NAHE evaluation report should be attached to your résumé/vita when you are applying for a job. This will help an employer understand your education, and may increase your opportunity of being selected for an interview. 

If you are currently unemployed, contact your local employment agencies to request assistance.

Should you or your employment counselor have any questions about how NAHE is able to assist you with the acceptance of your educational credentials, please contact NAHE directly at NAHE@nahighered.org via email.


How long does it take?

Please allow from two weeks for the completion of the evaluation of your credential(s), to  avoid missing important employment opportunities or other deadlines. Have your evaluation done as early as possible so that it will be ready when you need it.

Your NAHE evaluation will last for years. You can use it for employment and to meet your immediate and future educational needs. 


When is a degree earned outside of the United States, viewed as equal to those earned at a US regionally accredited college or university?

NAHE has concluded that if the college or university is licensed and/or registered with that country’s Ministry of Education, it is reviewed to be equal of a regionally or nationally accredited USA degree. ECE appears to agree with us.

“If the institution in the home country is recognized by the Ministry of Education, it is deemed to hold the equivalency of a regionally accredited school in the US.”

James Frey, Ed.D., President
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.