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Dr. Rick Hoyer - Author of A College Degree In Your Spare Time - How to achieve a College Degree In Your Spare Time Through Distance Learning
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Earning a college degree online through distance learning is easy and convenient. These distance learning online

courses, distance leaning degree programs, distance learning colleges and universities, and distance learning diploma and certificate programs are available to students around the world. The international MBA degree program, which is also accomplished through distance learning, is especially popular with foreign students. The distance learning online college degrees offered at the Universities and Colleges listed in this book offer unique opportunities to both USA students and the international student population. Start your college degree online and earn your associates, masters or bachelors degree online. Take advantage of these distance learning online college degree programs and enroll in one of these colleges or universities within 24 hours by getting the book "A college Degree In Your Spare Time" through distance leaning in "Active pdf format". Online distance learning college degrees at these colleges and universities may be accomplished in as little at ten months. Students completing distance leaning online degrees and online courses or certificate programs in legal nurse consultant, paralegal training, case management, grief counseling, hypnosis or holistic nursing and wellness counseling benefit from the independent study offered. The executive MBA program and other distance learning online degrees offered, as well as, the certificate and diploma programs in management, healthcare, environmental science, safety and health, hypnosis, case management, paralegal training, legal nurse consultant, grief counseling and holistic nursing and wellness counseling offer professional mentoring by each college or university faculty. Enroll today and earn any one of the online distance learning degrees offered at these universities and/or colleges through distance learning online. The college degrees offered include psychology, business management, counseling, business administration, social work, theology and divinity and hundreds of other areas of concentration. The executive MBA program is popular with many international communities and offers the convenience needed for the busy professional student. Other Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Masters of Arts, Master of Science, and the MBA programs, are designed for home study and are external programs. Students are in psychology, counseling, social work, theology, or business degree programs to complete all studies. The hypnosis, legal nurse consultant, holistic nursing, case management and paralegal training certificate programs often times lead to certification.

Distance learning has never been easier with today's on-line degrees. A college degree may be obtained in as little as one month with an evaluation of your life experience to be granted experiential leaning college credit towards your college degree. Most mid-career adults have already earned most of their college degree through life experience. Distance learning courses, distance learning degrees, distance learning MBA, distance learning degree programs, distance learning degrees and distance learning all come together to offer the life experience distance learning degree program which is made for the mature adult who has years of experience in a specific profession and just needs that college degree for career advancement.

Career based college degrees are for anyone with enough college credit based on life experience, distance learning courses, prior college credit, certificates from work related seminars, experiential learning, college courses, or those who already have college degrees and want to apply their life experience towards their next college or university degree.

College degrees by college credit have been available for many years through distance learning, distance learning colleges, distance learning courses, distance learning colleges, on-line courses, on-line degrees, on-line college, life experience evaluation, experiential learning through examination, degree programs such as distance learning which offers distance learning degree programs. 

You can get your AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, MS, MBA, Ph.D., Ed.D., DBA, or your high school diploma through distance learning.

Associate degree is the junior college level degree, Bachelors degree is the four year degree, and Masters degree or MBA is another two years of college credit towards your distance learning objective. The Ph.D. or graduate degree as it is often called may also be earned with a specialization in education, Ed.D. Doctor of Education, DBA Doctor of Business Administration or similar college degrees through distance learning.

Get your college degree in months, not years! Some students come in with enough college degree credit to get their distance learning college degrees in as little as one month.

The longer you wait to take that college course on-line, sign up for a distance learning degree program, apply for life experience college credit towards your college degree or college degrees, the longer you will watch coworkers get promoted by having that distance learning college degree more than you have. College degrees may be just a distance learning course, distance learning program, distance learning college or university, on-line degree, or distance learning project away.

On-line college degrees have become the wave of the future. They say most students will not be able to get a masters degree or doctorate degree in the next 10 years unless it is done on-line. Some are even saying bachelors degrees will only be offered through distance learning. The days of the "brick and mortar" college or university may become a thing of the past. Those students wanting a college degree may find themselves left out in the cold waiting to get their first on-line computer and take that on-line course, distance learning, distance learning degree, distance learning college, or university degree.

Distance learning college degrees and a distance learning education may be all that is between you and that promotion at work. A career change may be only a distance learning course away. If fulfilling your college degree requirements through distance learning has been some thing you have been contemplating, consider distance learning to meet your distance learning degree, distance learning course, distance learning MBA degree needs.


Distance Learning College Degree Programs.