The time in completing our review process varies but it is approximately 3 to 6 months in length. It can require an on-site review of your location by our specialists.
* 1 to 3 months for Individual members.

For Organizations:
One-time application fee of $100.00 (Nonrefundable) submitted with application.

$1900.00 fee submitted upon approval of application. Needs to be submitted with required paperwork.This is for level one.

Total fee for an organization is $2000.00 for level one. If an on-site review should become necessary a $2000.00 additional fee will be required.

For individual health care practitioners of a specialized field the fee is $499.99 submitted with application. $100.00 is nonrefundable if application is not accepted for accreditation. Balance will be refunded. 3 Business references verifying creditability is required.

Click here for application form.

A partial list of material required:

Copies of all course material - "Course Curriculum"
Copies of all tests from last 6 months (passed and failed)
Copies of all brochures and/or printed materials (advertising)
Requirements for students
Back up/support
Copy of all contracts/related materials
Copy of any and all financial arrangements
Copy of students' application
Copy of diploma/certificate
CV's/Resumes of all directors/principals
Copies of return policy
Copies of guarantee
Proof of location

All material submitted for our experts in the particular field will be evaluated and reviewed. When completed a report will be generated indicating improvements (if any) to become accredited.

The overall program will receive points. 75 points and above will receive accreditation after the board reviews the materials and score. If a score of less than 75 points is received, a report will be generated showing what improvements need to be made before resubmitting for a second evaluation.

A Partial list of Accredited Members

International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT)
Advanced Hypnosis Center, NH
The National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards...USA
Instituto de Recursos Humanos de Puerto Rico, Inc.
Volusia Hypnosis Center, FL
Advanced Electrolysis Clinic
Hypnosis & Chiropractic Center, TX
Life Line Medical Coding
Anodyne Medical Training Ca
Timothy Bible College Tx
Concordia University
Advanced Hypnosis Center, Me
Lighthouse Institute Tx
New Hypnosis Institute of Ca.
New Directions Center FL
Southern Tier Hypnosis Center, NY

Note: Do not call for any information on our accredited members. All inquires MUST be in writing only.

If it should become necessary our staff of trained professionals will visit the location to familiarize themselves with the operation and personnel. All records need to be available at that time for site review. This process can take 1 to 5 days with 1 to 3 of our experts reviewing the entire operation.

Note: The clearer you can make your application and explanation of how you perform your education (if applicable) the less chance for an on-site review.

If your application is denied you will be notified within 10 days of the denial and you will receive an explanation of the denial with what steps are necessary to rectify the situation.

An organization will receive 2 chances to pass the required accreditation process. If they fail the second review, the organization cannot reapply for 6 months and a site review will be necessary.

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In support of its Standards for Accreditation, PBOE members will uphold the following principles of professional ethics:

To provide programs of study that are educationally sound, up-to-date, of high quality and are demonstratively effective;
To maintain fair, ethical, and clearly stated advertising, admission, and enrollment practices by accurately and fairly representing the PBOE - accredited institution and its service to its constituency;
To provide effective student counseling and motivational programs that recognize individual differences and ensure successful student retention, graduation and, where applicable, employability;
To demonstrate the ultimate benefit of private educational training programs through satisfied participants.
To maintain an effective peer review system that ensures proper and ethical administration of all financial operations of the organization.
To promote the concept of voluntary self-regulation inherent in the accreditation process.
To demonstrate a commitment to educational services through community involvement and participation.
To demonstrate the effectiveness of private education and training, thereby providing essential skills to support a productive American work force.
To promote continuing education and training programs of the highest quality and integrity.
To provide all students with an ongoing support system to maximize their educational experience.

PBOE does not necessarily endorse, nor guarantee the correctness or usefulness of any site to which a link is provided.

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