Bachelor of Holistic Studies, Mythology and the Mind

Course Descriptions

HUBR 101 - Emotion, Reason, and the Brain
Mind does not exist without body, nor body without mind. The same dependent relationship exists for emotion and reason.

MYTH 101 - Dreams and Psychoanalysis
Dreams have many functions. One of them would seem to be access to our subconscious.

MYTH 102 - The Power of Myth
Each of us participates in myth. Whether on a family level, a cultural level or an ethnic level myths are part of our heritage, our being. Do they help us to understand the meaning of life or do they help us to find our personal bliss?

MYTH 201 - The Hero's Journey
Where does it begin, this journey of knowing ourselves? Perhaps for some of us never, but for others it is chance, blunder, "The ripples on the surface of life."

MYTH 202 - Creative Mythology
"Mythological symbols touch and exhilarate centers of life beyond the reach of vocabularies of reason and coercion." Myth helps us relate to the world as it is, to our dreams, our imagination, and our creativity.

MYTH 401 - Heroes and Myths of Ancient Greece
The classic myths of ancient Greece reflect the deep human significance that make them as meaningful today as they have been throughout the millennia.

MYTH 402 - Personal Myths
An exploration into the roots of the self.

MYTH 403 - Healing and Imaging
From the time of Hippocrates, and probably before, imaging has been an effective tool for healing.

MYTH 404 - Kafka's, "The Castle" and Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment"
A study of the importance of dreams and myths in modern story telling.

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