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Below are just some testimonials from people who have used our service and which demonstrate the kind of advantages that a legally acquired Degree can bring......

"I had to quit college when I was young due to financial difficulties. I started working at the age of 20 and have been working hard for the past 10 years. However, I noticed that my boss have passed me over for promotions in favor of younger colleagues who were young, less experienced, less capable but have a college degree.
After I received my bachelor degree from, my boss suddenly appreciate my work a lot more. He started to take my recommendation seriously and within six months I was promoted to a supervisory position. I finally realized that people don't take you seriously unless you have a college degree."
George Atwood, B.A.

"After I start using my new title, I can get into the best restaurants in town and sometimes they even offer me their best table! Their snobbish attitude really changes as soon as they hear my name with the Doctoral title."
Dr. William Claycomb, Ph.D.

"I have to travel overseas a lot in my line of work. After I received my Doctoral degree and updated all my personal credentials with my new title, I noticed that I have been receiving a lot of preferential treatment. During my recent trip to Europe, three out of four hotels that I stayed with upgraded me to a suite with no charge. When I check in at the London airport to return to New York, the airline upgraded me from Business to First Class! I can't wait to see what would happen when I go on vacation this Christmas."
Dr. Frank Norwich, Ph.D.

"I am a experienced insurance agent who runs a small insurance agency and has been doing well for quite a few years. I use a lot of mass mailings to promote my business. I noticed that after I put my MBA degree on my business card and my stationary, I have been receiving a lot more response from my mailings. I now have to hire two more staff to service all my new clients. The degree from has really helped my business expand."
David Halstead, M.B.A.

"I get turned down a lot when I go dating because a lot of the gals only like university graduates. After I received my bachelor and masters degrees I am now very busy dating and have to turn some of them away."
John Schaffer, B.S., M.S.

"Because of the recent downturn of the economy, I was having a hard time finding a job. A lot of employment agencies told me that although I am very experience, a lot of the companies would not grant me an interview because I do not have a college degree.
After I receive my degree from, I went on five interviews within the next two weeks and got two offers. My new boss is very impressed with my work and he mentioned that I would be recommended for a salary increase as soon as my probation period is over."
Chris Fulham, B.A.

"I grew up in a middle-class family and have been working as a clerk in a bank after graduated from high school. My life changed after I was married to my husband, who is from a wealthy family. Although my husband loves me very much, I always have a hard feeling when meeting his friends, especially those college graduates. After I buy a Bachelor Degree from, I have noticed a great change in the attitude of my husband's friends and now they really accept me as one of them. However, my goal is to help my husband and be successful in the business field. I then buy a M.B.A. from and I am now a director of my husband's company."
Kit Wong, B. A., M.B.A.

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