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The fastest way to get your Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate College
Degree in the world based on WORK or LIFE EXPERIENCE!

Convert your experience into a college degree TODAY!!!

  • Are you being turned down in job interviews because you don't have a college degree?
  • Are you being passed over for promotions because your colleague has a degree although you are more experienced and doing most of the work?
  • Are you being turned down for dates because you don't have a college degree and they think you have no future? has the perfect solution for everyone who wants to get a degree instantly based on work or life experience with no coursework, no attendance requirement, or hassle of any kind.

Expert service you can depend on offers you an opportunity to obtain your college degree online. No coursework, no long forms to fill out. If your work or life experience fulfill our requirements, just fill out the application and your college diploma will be delivered to you within a matter of days. has satisfied customers all over the World.

What you get with your degree
An A4 size diploma printed on high quality parchment paper containing the details of the degree-granting institution, date and degree awarded, and the name of the graduate and sealed with the official seal of the institution.
Lifetime verification service by the College or University in case you or someone you authorized wanted to verify the degree. Verification is only provided when you have offered your consent.

Completely anonymous transaction
No one besides you, the degree granting institution, and would know how you receive your degree. The Colleges and Universities that we represent never advertise that their degrees may be obtained thorough other venues and is revealed to the student only after he/she graduates.


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Fast service
Your degree is valid the instance you successfully pay for it thru PayPal. The diploma will be mailed out the next business day by Express Mail.

Legal Degrees
We check out the legality of all institutions that we act for. As an agent for these institutions we ensure that all of them are legally operating entities and that you will receive a degree that is legal.

Payment Security
Purchasing your degree online from is completely safe. We do not process the credit card payments ourselves but instead uses the largest online payment processor PayPal. This way we ensure that your credit card information remains completely secure. Furthermore, we don't pay the institution until your diploma has been forwarded to us.

Please read our FAQ
For any other questions that you may have, please read our FAQ or send us an e-mail. We are here to serve you.