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Our graduates are able to obtain full Attestation, Authentication and Apostille for their earned Breyer State University Degree.

• Breyer State University is pleased to announce its affiliation with Saint Regis University, which is accredited by the National Board of Education, Inc. As such, our graduates enjoy the many benefits of this accreditation.

• The National Board of Education, Inc. is a legal, valid and authentic higher education accreditation organization, operating under the authority and in conformity with all current laws and regulations ruling educational competency certification of the Republic of Liberia, and meets all legal qualifications to establish and operate online and virtual universities to grant college level degrees.

• NAHE has concluded that if the college or university is licensed and/or registered with that country’s Ministry of Education, it is reviewed to be equal of a regionally or nationally accredited USA degree. ECE quote: “If the institution in the home country is recognized by the Ministry of Education, it is deemed to hold the equivalency of a regionally accredited school in the US.” James Frey, Ed.D., President, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

• Breyer State University graduates receive their degree from Breyer State University. Also, at the time of graduation, our graduates receive a companion degree from St. Regis University as an affiliate. This allows our graduates the ability to receive official docuements of Attestation and Apostille to verify legal status of their degree. Apostille docuements are required for students outside of the USA. Students also receive the added benefit of Breyer State University's other accreditations.

• Upon graduation from Breyer State University, and the affiliate, our graduates receive a degree that is accredited by the National Board of Education, Inc. and, also accredited by the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools, and the Accreditation Governing Commission in the United States.

• A great benefit for our graduates is the ability to have their degrees authenticated by an approved agency in the United States testifying that their degree is earned, legal and valid, and that degrees accredited and approved by another country’s Education Ministry are viewed as equivalent to a United States Regionally Accredited Degree.

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