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Degree Programs through Experiential Learning
& Life Experience Credits

online degrees by life experience credits, life credit degrees onlineBreyer State University is leading the way in innovative education and curriculum designs. We offer online degree programs and college certificates in many diverse areas. Our online college degree programs demonstrate our commitment to innovation in higher education, allowing students to realize their educational goals through a comprehensive and Fast-Trac method of earning an online degree. We strongly support the value of experiential learning and we adhere to quality standards for awarding college credits for such learning. All of our online college degree programs are designed to resemble traditional educational curriculums, with the added dimension of emphasis in experiential learning. Breyer State University offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates degrees based on your work and life experience and through a comprehensive assessment. Students may also apply for and be awarded technical and professional certificates based on life experience credits.

Breyer State University offers online life experience degrees, credits for life experience, and  life credit degreesBreyer State University supports a revolutionary concept in the awarding of online degrees and college certificates. Our faculty are highly experienced in curriculum designs for online college degrees and education. Our mission is to lead the way in innovative online education, while assisting individuals to attain their educational goals through a unique and valuable program of college degree completion. We invite you to browse our website and learn how you can complete your college degree online.

There are no classes to attend, no required courses that do not relate to the online degrees you are seeking, and no high costs to prevent you from realizing your education goals. We offer an excellent payment plan, one-on-one faculty mentoring and consulting, and the most innovative approaches to attaining your online college degree. Come and join the thousands of people who are realizing their dreams through such innovative, online degree programs. Enroll today and take that first step in making your dreams a reality!

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