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Frequently Asked Questions


In addition to Degrees via Experential Learning and Life Credits, Breyer State University now offers Online Degrees with a full curriculum of courses, Online Certificate Programs, and Continuing Education offerings and programs.

While most traditional and online colleges and universities purport to issue life experience credits based on work experience, the college credits issued are rarely equal to the work experience and training accomplished on the job or through a student's other endeavors and life learned skills.

Through a comprehensive assessment based on work and life experience, adult learners may now apply to Breyer State University and receive an entire Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree based on life experience and all without stepping foot on campus.

The experiential learning credits issued at other traditional or online colleges and universities are almost always offered for lower division courses, and usually are granted for general education credits rather than for the core curriculum.
At Breyer State University, credits are granted based on all life and work experience and credits are awarded to all appropriate courses as may pertain to your degree.

The cost for the issuance of life experience credits at other colleges and universities is the same as the cost for taking the course online or on campus!
Breyer State University only charges a flat tuition fee for each online degree program or certificate course regardless of the number of course credits awarded by means of assessment and/or transferable credits.

Other accredited online colleges and traditional universities assess a student's life experience knowledge through proctored testing at locations other than where the student lives before awarding credits.

At Breyer State University, the student submits a detailed resume and supporting documentation and the award of life experience credits is based on the actual knowledge gained from previous work and life experience and not by means of testing. Following this intial assessement of documents, students in the degree programs via Experential Learning and Life Credits produce a very comprehensive "Life Profile Assessment" which details and provides supporting documentation of learning, experiences, etc in the area of the speciality concentration.

Most traditional universities and colleges will only accept a small portion of credits transfered from other colleges and/or universities, and only if the credits were earned within the last five years, regardless of whether the credits were from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning or not!

At Breyer State University, all credits are transferable, regardless when the credits were earned and even if the credits were earned in a foreign or online college or university. Breyer State does however reserve the right to refuse transferable credits based on the academic grade(s) achieved.

Once officially enrolled into a program, students receive a unique ID and Password, with full instructions on accessing their classrooms. Each course in our programs has its own dedicated classroom where students interact with faculty. Each classroom has posted the course syllabus, course assignements, examinations, etc.

Breyer State University offers students faculty advisors who are avaible during all phases of the programs to assist as needed. We also offer the following to our students: access to chat rooms to converse with faculty, an online used book store, a bookstore with shirts, mugs and mouse pads bearing the BSU logo, access to search engines directories, access to online bookstores, access to ordering BSU student ID cards and graduation class rings.
Breyer State University School "colors" are Blue and Red.

Some Common Questions...

What if a student falls short of the necessary credits granted for life experience to graduate after the assessment is completed?

The student may be required to do additional reading, a project, or take a additional courses from other campus or online colleges or universities. For additional information, please refer to the procedures page. Students may also elect to take credit by exams.

What online degree programs or certificate courses are available?

Students may apply for any degree program or certificate course with the exception of a medical or nursing degree that is required for liscensure to practice medicine or nursing. These degrees would require practical experience not afforded an individual unless that person was licensed which would, of course, require the education first.

Is an online degree from Breyer State University credible?

Yes, many online colleges and universities use assessments to issue degrees without course work (please see "facts" above). Almost all colleges and universities offer life experience credits. Most however, require you to pay the same cost as though you actually took the course! Should licensure be the goal of the student upon completion, the student should first check with the appropriate agency, association, or board which control & provide licensure or certification as licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state. Please check with the appropriate state occupational licensing board regarding their specific requirements. Due to state statutes in Idaho, enrollment is not available to Idaho residents.

Will my degree reflect the degree was earned through life experience?

No, your degree will not indicate that the degree was earned through life experience credits. In fact your degree will look the same as if you earned it from a traditional college or university on campus! Diplomas are specially ordered and are beautiful for framing. They are printed in a gold foil stamped ink using two color with the title of the degree clearly visible. Upon graduation, students receive a copy of official transcripts bearing a gold embossed seal of the University.

How should I send in my resume, curricula vitae and other documents for the assessment?

You may mail your assessment packet to Breyer State University at the address listed in the Q & A below. You may also fax the documents to 208-935-0392. You may also upload documents e.g., resume, vitae, and other supporting documents you have on your PC (computer) and send it to us via the online application form.

Is Breyer State University accredited?

YES- Breyer State University has received full institutional accreditation from the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools. Accreditation was awarded following a comprehensive review of all standards as prescribed by the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools (CSCCS) by a team of independent contractor surveyors . Breyer State University was found to be in compliance with all prescribed standards. Please note that accreditation, or a peer review, is a voluntary process in the United States. For full information on our accreditation please click here.

Who would a student contact should s/he have additional questions?

You may contact the Admissions Office by using our electronic request for information, by phone at 208-935-0233, or by fax at 208-935-0392. Our staff of advisors are ready to assist you in anyway possible. You may email with your questions. You may also contact the Admissions Office by mailing your request to:

Breyer State University
Admissions Office
P.O. Box 1144
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

Email Contacts:


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