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"Individualized Curriculum Programs"

online degrees by self-design, design your own curriculum, accredited, life credit degrees, online college coursesBreyer State University, a leader in curriculum innovation, offers Degrees by Self-Design. This program allows students to "design" their own degree with an individualized curriculum. Degrees by Self-Design are available at these levels, Bachelors, Masters and PhD. Degrees.

Our innovative Self-Design Degree Program allows you to elect your own field and major area of study. Students are required to complete several core courses. The remainder of the courses in their curriculum are self-design by Learning Contract Methods. A Learning Contract is a collaborative arrangement between student and faculty which outlines the goals for learning, the methods of learning and the means to evaluate that learning. Each self-designed course in the student's curriculum is established by a learning contract. Breyer State University faculty provides the student with a template structure for constructing the learning contract.

online degrees by self-design, life credit degrees, online college certificates at Breyer State UniversityThe student works with the faculty advisor to develop the contract. Once approved, the student then moves through the learning contract at his or her own pace. Communication occurs between the student and the faculty advisor with the faculty advisor providing support, guidance and mentorship. When the student and faculty advisor feel confident that the goals of the learning contract have been met, the student is awarded semester hours of college credits toward their degree program. The learning contract allows the student and faculty to "title" the course or courses for each module of study.

Advantages of the Breyer State University Self-Design Degree Program:

1. Students can select a "major" for their degree program that they would not find in many traditional academic settings.
2. Students have control over what they will study, learn and produce.
3. The degree program has more meaning for the student as they are instrumental in its design.
4. Learning is non-traditional and becomes more self-guided and experiential.
5. Students know what goals they are working toward.
6. Students design their education, rather than instructors designing for them.
7. Students have a faculty advisor throughout their degree program who provides guidance, support, mentorship, and motivation.
8. Students have an opportunity to become knowledable and proficient in an area of study that they find interesting and needed to reach higher career and life goals.
9. Students are motivated toward higher levels of self-actualization as they take charge of their own learning and academic education.

Components of the Self-Design Degree Program:

1. Upon enrollment, students are assigned an Academic Degree Advisor. This advisor works with the student throughout their entire degree program.
2. All students are required to complete two core courses as developed by the University before they begin their concentrated self-designed courses.
3. Students are permitted 15 weeks to complete each module in the self-designed program. Students can elect to accelerate and complete the module (s) in less time.
4. Students in a Ph.D or Doctorate Self-Design Degree Program are required to complete a Dissertation.
5. Each module of study is equivalent to 2-3 more traditional academic courses. Students, with their faculty advisor, agree upon course titles for the modules.
6. Students can negotiate with their faculty advisor to complete their courses and have a grade assigned for each course, or to complete the courses on a Pass/Fail basis.
7. Each module within the degree program can be designed in a way that provides the best learning experiences for the student. Students work collaboratively with their faculty advisor, who provides approval of the learning contract for each module.

*Note: self-design, individualized curriculums are an option for degree programs where Breyer State University does not offer the same degree/major via online degree programs.

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