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How to Become a Learning Center

Berkeley is growing worldwide and with the introduction of our new Australia Office handling the Asian region, it has become easier to become a registered Learning Center

What is a Learning Center?
A Learning Center is an educational institution that has been approved by the Berkeley University Australian International Office to offer Berkeley courses to their students, thus becoming themselves a part of an International Educational group.

How do I become a Learning Center?
Apply directly to the Berkeley International Australian Office and advise us of your requirements.

Procedure for Joining.

  1. We require basic information about your Institution, type of students, student numbers, and areas of expertise, courses of interest.

  2. We would organize someone from our office to visit you and discuss your requirements, we have a number of associates that have the language skills for ease of discussion

  3. There is a one-off license fee for membership to the Berkeley community of Educators and a royalty fee for each student enrolling in our programs, run at your premises. These costs we believe are the most favorable for student and Institution available

  4. We provide course outlines and Certifications to graduating students. The Certifications are produced in USA and make no mention of the place of study.

  5. Students are sent a letter of Welcome on their enrolment and are listed on the Berkeley Website.

  6. We can provide lecturers from many Western countries or we can accredit your own lecturers to run the course.

  7. Accrediting your lecturers would require C.V. of your lecturers to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to conduct the course up to Berkeley´s standards

  8. A site inspection to ensure that the premise provided for your students is up to international standards and the course offered.

Advantages of Membership

  1. The learning Center joins with a group of professional educational institutions around the world, so they may cross references information and activities, thereby making the Learning Center an International Center overnight.

  2. The students can gain a Diploma or Degree from one of America´s most forward thinking University´s thereby increasing their changes of better employment and an improved way of life. Naturally, no University will guarantee every student a job and as Berkeley does not run an Employment agency it therefore cannot give assurances that its graduates will automatically obtain pay rises or employment.

  3. Students may graduate at their own Learning Center campus or they are invited to join one of Berkeley´s graduations when they occur in many countries where our courses are run.

  4. It is also possible for students to study overseas at one of our Centers for one module or a year; the choice is up to them and the own personal budget.

  5. The new Learning Center will have access to Western Lecturers and international qualifications and courses thereby putting them ahead of their own competition in their own region. This translates into greater acceptance by the student population and greater grow for the Institution

For further information contact the registrar by email on registrar@berkeleyuniversity.net