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Frequently Asked Question about Berkeley International University

  1. Do the Diplomas show the degree earned through distance learning?

    No, it does not. We only issue standard diplomas (see the sample copy). It is not important factor how did your learning-weather in the classroom or at your home.

  2. When are you registered, how good is the faculty and are Berkeley International University degrees respected around the world?

    Berkeley International University is incorporated in California, USA with the International office at Brisbane, Australia also the member of United States of Distance Learning Association (USDLA) and can legally Grant Degrees to all students who meet the graduation requirement of the university.

    Berkeley International University is an International University with student from around the world. Berkeley International University does not belong to one country and can not mold itself to the policies of any one country! Berkeley International University degree programs are World Class and designed by our distinguish faculty for adults who deserve recognition of their work place achievements as academic credit.

    Berkeley International University graduates are recognized for their accomplishment in business, industry, international organization, United Nations and governments around the world! That is the best proof of Respect and Recognition of a Berkeley University Degree.

  3. I have extensive work experience; do you have any accelerated degree programs where I can earn my degree quickly?

    For individual with an extensive employment record, we have Accelerated Degree Programs. Professionals and executives with numerous years of employment experience and training do not need learn the core material in their degree studies! It is then possible to accelerate the course work. There are no formal exams or studies. Only book reports, research papers or thesis (for Doctoral degree) are required.

  4. Why is the Berkeley International University so very reasonable compared to other universities?

    In the USA, classroom universities charge an average of $ 17,000 a year for tuition's. Most classroom university spend a large fraction of the tuition on buildings, electricity, heat, sport programs and the staff to maintain the buildings. At Berkeley International University, most of our your tuition payments goes to faculty expenses, books and communication. In other words, we spend the tuition to directly benefit of you.