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DBA  (Doctor of Business Administration)

  All students will complete the following modules:

DBA900   Research Methodology

Management research is recognised as a distinctive and rapidly evolving field within the social sciences. The main methodologies are compared together with their underlying philosophies. Emphasis is given to applied research, especially that conducted with or on behalf of organisations. The emerging significance of the plurality of approaches will be highlighted. Research ethics is dealt with comprehensively, beginning with problem identification and covering the development and presentation of sound project proposals. Issues in management research are explored. This course includes a workshop or seminar component.

 DBA902 Communicating Research

This module is concerned with communicating ideas and research outcomes to their intended audiences and beneficiaries. Whilst emphasis is given to the writing and publishing of thoroughly researched scholarly papers, other forms of writing such as popular articles, policy papers and consulting reports are addressed. Attention is also given to oral presentation and media communication. Includes seminar component. 

 DBA910 Organisation and Strategy

This module is designed to introduce doctoral students to theory and research in Organisation Theory, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Strategic Thinking.

DBA920 Specific Research Modalities

This course will be driven in part by professional specialities and student interest and may include, amongst others, areas such as Organisational Change, Global Management and Future Organisations,  Group Skills, Leadership, Conflict & Negotiation, Careers or Operational Research.

DBA 990  Dissertation

The dissertation is the culmination of the student’s academic achievements, and represents an original contribution by the student to the field of management.  The dissertation is the student’s major research project.  


The degree will comprise a series of project based coursework assignments (50%) and research papers (50%) assessments in Years 1-3, all of which candidates are required to pass. The examiners' decision whether to recommend the award of DBA will be based on the Year 3 assessment.

Admission Requirements


Completed Application Form - you may request a hard copy from the Registrar or you may file an online application.  




Non-refundable $100.00 application fee made payable to OIEC.




Written statement of career goals.  Please describe briefly the educational and professional goals you have set for yourself and the way in which you think the DBA program will help you.  




Current resume.




Three letters of recommendation to be forwarded directly from the references to the Registrar.  At least one letter should be from an employer who is qualified to discuss your professional skills.  At least one letter should be from a professor who is able to comment on your performance and ability to pursue doctoral studies.




A minimum of one, and up to three, written scholarly projects done in previous collegiate work - as testimony to scholarship.




Official transcripts to be forwarded directly from all colleges and universities previously attended.  A bachelor and/or master's degree in business, management, economics, accounting, or a related but acceptable field from an accredited educational institution is required. 




For candidates from non-English speaking countries, the TOEFL score will be required.




A personal interview may be required.


PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Business Adm.)

The PhD is universally recognised as the pre-eminent research degree. Whilst it continues to evolve, its key elements remain unchallenged; that the research must make a significant contribution to knowledge in a specified area, that the research be supervised and that the findings be submitted to public examination per medium of eminent scholars in the area. The PhD in Business Administration programme is consistent with those tenets. 

In addition to satisfactory completion of dissertation, student must obtain a clear pass grade in 8 courses are required, which consists of 5 business core courses, 3 International Business major courses

1. Business Core Courses (5 courses)

Statistical Decision Theory,  Managerial Economics and Decision Making,  Statistical Methods for Business Research, Organisation and Management Theories,  Basics of Information Technology.

2. International Business Majors (3 courses

Theory of International Business and Multinational Firms, Research Methods in International Business, One International Business functional business course (e.g., international finance, international marketing).


Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Management

1. Business Core Courses (5 courses) as above.

Statistical Decision Theory,  Managerial Economics and Decision Making,  Statistical Methods for Business Research, Organisation and Management Theories,  Basics of Information Technology.

2. Strategic Management Majors (3 courses)

Industry Competitive Analysis, Strategy Formulation and Environmental Analysis, Project in Planning.


Doctor of Philosophy in Organisational Management, Human Resource


1. Business Core Courses (5 courses)

Statistical Decision Theory,  Managerial Economics and Decision Making,  Statistical Methods for Business Research, Organisation and Management Theories,  Basics of Information Technology

2. Human Resource Management Majors (3 courses)

Best Practices in Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management in a Global Environment and Human Resource Management Research.


Doctoral Dissertation

The final phase of the program is the completion of a dissertation. The dissertation must be based on original investigation which makes a substantive contribution to knowledge and demonstrates capacity for independent, scholarly research. The quality of the dissertation should meet the standards for publication in leading journals in the field.

Typically, dissertations in business administration will be research studies which advance the body of knowledge concerned with the understanding of issues and solution of problems confronting managers and administrators.



The Ph.D. Program in Business Administration welcomes applications from students with high intellectual aptitude who plan careers in research and teaching, management or related professions. Students with strong backgrounds in mathematics, the social sciences, engineering and sciences are encouraged to apply for admission to the program. A master's degree or MBA is not a requirement for entry into the doctoral program; students may enter with a good bachelor's degree.

Consideration is given to the rigor of the undergraduate curriculum, academic performance and the quality of the applicant's statement of purpose and personal references. Minimum of one year's study of introductory level mathematical statistics and intermediate economic theory are considered very desirable. Candidates whose qualifications and experiential learning background are exceptionally strong will be considered.

Personal interviews will be initiated either at the University’s Campus or locally where appropriate.

Applicants should secure at least three letters of recommendation. The doctoral committee prefers that all recommendations be written by past or present employer organisations and academicians familiar with the applicant's scholastic, experiential learning and research capabilities.