The minor in Business and Psychology provides the student with the opportunity to explore the field of Business Administration for the perspective of psychology. Particular emphasis is given to the various applications of psychological insights to business especially in the area of human relations. Such issues as personal interactions in leadership, job motivation, job performance, etc. are considered as well as group dynamics. The knowledge acquired from this area of study will provide greater understanding of specific aspects of business, including marketing, advertising and management. The minor seeks to integrate the concepts of social psychology, personnel psychology and related areas to business studies.

Select 18 units from the following courses:

Psych 170 Psychology of Human Relations 3
Psych 175 Psychology of Personality 3
Psych 180 Social Psychology 3
Psych 220 Personnel Psychology 3
BA 223 Organizational Development 3
BA 236 People Problems in Small Business 3
BA 250 Human Relations in Business 3
BA 257 Consumer Behavior 3
BA 275 Organizational Behavior 3

Total Units Business and Psychology Minor 18