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What will it mean to live, work, and prosper in the twenty-first century—an era in which the velocity of change and the discovery of new knowledge are increasing? At the University of Bedford, our mission is the development of graduates who will be leaders in this environment, and we have what it takes to enable our students to learn and grow in ways that will equip them uniquely for the future.

Perhaps what distinguishes us most is our innovative undergraduate curriculum that integrates liberal and professional learning. At the University of Bedford undergraduates can pursue degrees in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, as well as in our 17 professional schools and schools of the arts. The university offers 101 different minors—the broadest array of any United States university—and encourages students to develop "breadth with depth" by studying in widely separated fields. Nowhere else in the country—probably in the world—can you:
bulletMajor in Political Science and minor in Interactive Multimedia
bulletMajor in Business and minor in Bioethics
bulletDouble major in Biomedical Engineering and Russian
bulletMajor in Cinema Television and minor in Psychology

At the University of Bedford, learning has no boundaries. In addition to the broad array of majors and minors, the University of Bedford offers undergraduates an academic life full of opportunities to participate in research with faculty, study abroad, and learn by serving the community.

We know that tomorrow's leaders will have broad backgrounds in diverse fields. They will be life—long learners with the ability and passion to continuously acquire and synthesize knowledge. In short, they will have both a breadth and a depth of knowledge. Academic life at the University of Bedford offers a constellation of opportunity. For those who accept them, there are challenges here to be seized and shaped for a lifetime of leadership, intelligent citizenship, and enlightened living.