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All Bedford`s academic departments offer facilities for supervised research. The Postgraduate Study Guide 2002-2003 includes information on research opportunities, and general postgraduate study information. Enquiries about procedures and opportunities should be directed to the Postgraduate Office.

Within these faculties research is carried out within Departments and research groups, and inter- disciplinary research is often organised in formal Research Centres which encompass more than one department. and is extensive and wide-ranging..

Bedford University has established a number of research centres with the aim of bringing together academic staff working on related topics within different disciplines, and to identify specific fields of research strength.

Research Training is important for three reasons. First, it helps students to produce a first-rate thesis, with all the appropriate methodological questions asked and answered. Second, the full range of research training you receive at Bedford will stand you in good stead after you leave, and as your career progresses. Perhaps not every Research Training issue you cover here will be applicable to your research, but you will almost certainly want to draw on what you learn at some point in your research career. Third, employers are increasingly interested in the general skills you acquire in postgraduate education, as well as in the particular thesis you write or course you complete. The Bedford Research Training programme is designed to meet all three of these objectives.

On completion of research training, students will be able to evaluate the competing research strategies available, to apply the relevant methodology to particular research questions, and to gather and disseminate information effectively in a variety of ways.