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TThe following minimum requirements are needed to qualify for a degree. Life experience is any experience you have relevant to your major and is separate from work experience and classroom education. Depending upon the particular circumstance, military experience qualifies as either work or life experience.
In order to comply with licensing guidelines, we must adhere to the following minimum requirements. If you don't meet the minimum requirements for the degree you're interested in, don't apply for it.


Requires 38 credits.

A master degree is normally a prerequisite for the doctorate degree.

You qualify for a Doctorate degree if you have one of the following:

--Two years work/life experience in your field and a master degree.
--More than ten years work/life experience in your field.
--Any combination of the above or considerable life/work experience.

You may apply for a combination of any two degrees ONLY IF you meet the minimum requirements for each degree.

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