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High school graduation requires satisfactory completion of 5 Areas of Knowledge, and a total of 21 credits are required. High School degrees based on life, military and work experience do not require formal classroom education. However, the more courses you did complete in a high school program, the less work/life experience you're required to have.

The following minimum requirements are needed to receive a high school    degree:

--21 credits of formal classroom education, or
--11 credits of classroom education and 24 months life/work experience in the five Areas of Knowledge listed below, or
--6 credits of classroom education and 36 months life/work experience in the five Areas of Knowledge listed below, or
--48 months life/work experience in the five Areas of Knowledge listed below.
--You must be 18 years of age or older.

Since many people ask how the high school program works, we'll provide a typical example. If you attended high school for 2 years, you should've received at least 11 classroom credits. That would leave another 10 credits required for graduation.

Look over the list of courses below to see how many from the 5 Areas of Knowledge you have life/work experience in. Do you know how to cook? Do you have a driver's license? Can you get your computer online? Do you know how to fill out a job application? Do you know how to play tennis or football? Almost every subject you have life or work experience in is worth high school credit.


Creative Writing; English; Grammar and Composition; Poetry; Literature; Spelling; Reading Comprehension; Foreign Language such as Spanish or French; Fiction Writing; Non-fiction Writing; Speech; Communications; Media Studies such as Movies and Television

Algebra; Consumer Math such as balancing your checkbook; Business Math; Geometry; Calculus; Trigonometry; Refresher Math (equivalent to 8th grade knowledge)

Astronomy; Biology;Chemistry; Earth Science; Environmental Science; Life Science; Physical Science; Physics; Oceanography; Geology; Anthropology; Meteorology

American Government; American Politics; Citizenship; American History; World History; Economics; Psychology; Sociology; Geography; Social Work; Political Science; Current Affairs

Art; Music;General Business; Business Law; Business Management; Accounting; Bookkeeping; Typing; Data Entry; Computer Repair; MS Word; Windows 95/98/2000/ME; Health; Driver Education; Animal Care; Dentistry; Car Repair; Woodworking; Drawing; Singing; Musical Instrumentation; Computer Technology; Computer Science; Fitness; Marketing; Office Skills; any type of sport or physical activity such as Bodybuilding, Swimming, Aerobics, Football, Chess, Tennis, etc.

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