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Amstead University is accredited by, or an organizational member in good standing of, the following:

United States Distance Learning Association. The USDLA’s mission is to provide leadership in the field of distance learning. The association’s policy is to represent the distance learning community before government policy and regulatory bodies.

International Council for Open and Distance Education. ICDE is a global membership organization of educational institutions, national and regional associations, corporations, educational authorities and agencies in the fields of open learning, distance education, and flexible, life-long learning.

National Association for Multicultural Education. NAME is a nonprofit organization that brings together individuals and groups with an interest in multicultural education from all levels of education, different academic disciplines and from diverse educational institutions and occupations. NAME members include institutions, educators and businesses from preschool through higher education.

Amstead University is accredited by the International Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (IASCU).

Accreditation in the United States

The United States has no Federal Ministry of Education or other centralized authority exercising single national control over postsecondary educational institutions in this country. The States assume varying degrees of control over education, but, in general, institutions of higher education are permitted to operate with considerable independence and autonomy. *

In order to insure a basic level of quality, the practice of accreditation arose in the United States as a means of conducting non-governmental, peer evaluation of educational institutions and programs. Private educational associations of regional or national scope have adopted criteria reflecting the qualities of a sound educational program and have developed procedures for evaluating institutions or programs to determine whether or not they are operating at basic levels of quality. *

Some Functions of Accreditation:

1. Verifying that an institution or program meets established standards.
2. Assisting prospective students in identifying acceptable institutions.
3. Assisting institutions in determining the acceptability of transfer credits.
4. Protecting an institution against harmful internal and external pressure.
5. Establishing criteria for professional certification and licensure and for upgrading courses offering such preparation. *

* Excerpts from the United States Department of Education, Office of Post Secondary Education website.


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