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Administrative offices

Office of the President
The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the university. 

Professional Organizations
Links to Web pages for associations and professional organizations. 

Administrative Senate
The American Austin University Administrative Senate is an elected body representing full- and part-time contract administrators at the main and regional campuses.

Classified Senate
The Classified Senate provides a formal mechanism for ongoing discussion, information exchange, and consultation on matters concerning non-bargaining classified employees at American Austin University. 

Academic Units and Programs
Links to an alphabetical listing of all academic departments, units, and programs. 

University Registrar
Classroom scheduling; course offerings; DARS; graduation; official academic calendar; registration; student academic records (including transcripts, grade reports, enrollment or degree verification); TRIPS; veterans affairs.

Office of the President

Association and Professional Organizations

  • Austin Council of Higher Education Retirees

  • PhyloCode Phylogenetic Nomenclature Project 

  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

  • Sigma Xi is a national honorary society whose members are selected by local chapters on the basis of their scientific research credentials. The society publishes American Scientist. The society was founded in 1886; the American Austin University Chapter was founded in 1961.

Administrative Senate

  • Mission and purpose statements

  • Calendar of meetings

  • Administrative senate committees

  • Policies and procedures

  • Administrative and Professional Pay Structure, Fiscal Year 2000-2001

  • By law and constitution
  • Minutes of previous meetings
  • University committees
  • Administrative senate roster for 2001-2002
  • Administrative senate goals and priorities, 2001

Classified senate
Scholarships Find out about the various Classified Senate scholarships, including links to former recipients. 

  • Members and committees
         * Current members
         * Unite representatives
         * Committee members

Meeting Schedule and Summary
Find out about past and future meetings of the Classified Senate. 

Learn about specific items of interest to classified employees. 

Employee of the Month Award 
Learn about the Employee of the Month Award program, including links to criteria, nomination form, and prior award winners. 

Historic Coverlet
Find out about the American Austin University coverlet, including links to a photo and to an order form. 

History, Goals & Initiatives
Read a concise description of Classified Senate's history, goals, and initiatives.

By-Laws & Mission 
Read the formal mission statement for Classified Senate, and its by-laws. 

Links to Web pages for classified employee organizations at other universities. 

Compensation & Rewards 
Program Links to information about the Compensation & Rewards Programs for Classified & IT Staff 

Faculty Senate
The Faculty Senate initiates policies on academics, acts on faculty grievances, and communicates concerns between the University administration and the faculty. 

Office of the President


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