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About the History Department

The Department of History offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts in history and the Master of Arts in history. The department's objective is to develop a habit of inquiry enhancing students' abilities to think critically and analytically, speak effectively and write coherently. The history major examines times and cultures other than our own while fostering a sense of the interconnectedness of our world. Furthermore, it offers a perspective of the issues of our lives and times and their significance in a personal, ethical, global and multi cultural framework. Finally, the discipline provides a foundation upon which we can build and strengthen those qualities, which make us human. The history curriculum is excellent preparation for careers that cross disciplinary lines and graduate programs such as history, law, library science, musicology and international affairs. History graduates may teach as well as work in local, state and federal government, tourism, publications, advertising, insurance, consulting and numerous areas of business. The History Department administers the Anthropology track in liberal studies.

Majors and Minors

Bachelor of Arts in History
Major in History
Minor in History
Minor in American Studies
Minor in Anthropology
Masters of Arts in History

The Major in History:
Students must complete 33 credit hours in departmental courses with a minimum grade average of C. Fifteen of these hours must be at the 300/400 level. Additionally, students must complete six hours from two social sciences other than history and four satisfactory research papers. Graduate school candidates are encouraged to develop a reading proficiency in at least one foreign language. Students should consult with a History Department advisor.

The Minor in History:
The history minor allows students in other fields to gain a broad base in the humanities and social sciences and thus enhance their ability to reach higher levels of achievement in their own professional specialization. Additional information about this minor is available in the History Department. A complete list of course offerings is in the University's most recent Undergraduate Catalog.

The Minor in American Studies:
The minor in American Studies is an interdisciplinary study of history and English. Further information regarding American studies may be obtained from either the History or English departments.

The Minor in Anthropology:
Students must complete 18 semester hours in anthropology and related disciplines. Additional information about this minor is available from the department.

Students interested in more detailed information regarding either a major or a minor in history should obtain a copy of A Guide for Students Majoring or Minoring in History at American Austin University from the department.

Transfer Students:
Transfer students majoring in history must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours with a C average in history at American Austin University.

Challenge Exams:
Challenge exams for introductory history courses are available to students who qualify. See the History Department. Students may not use courses to satisfy requirements both in the minor and in the major.

Department Honors
The History Department sponsors two international honor societies for students majoring in history. Phi Alpha Theta is the international honor society in history and Pi Gamma Mu is the international honor society in the social sciences. Initiation into these honor societies are typically held each spring. Information regarding the qualifications for membership are available in the History Department.

History Club
The History Department sponsors an active history social club which undertakes educational trips to historic sites and takes part in numerous collegial activities on campus.



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