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1. Standards
The thesis should constitute a significant contribution to knowledge, embody the results of original investigation and analysis on the part of the student and be of such quality as to merit publication.
2. Thesis Topic Approval Procedure
Learner will select the thesis topic as per his or her prior education, experiences and interest. Candidte will fill the Thesis Topic Approval form. In this form applicant will concisely describe the research topic, identify research questions. The purpose of the thesis topic paragraph is to demonstrate to the Thesis Committee that an appropriate topic has been identified and would be useful for community. The Thesis Committee will review paragraphs for approval. If a topic is found to be inadequate due to subject matter or clarity, re-submittal is required.
3. Writing of the Thesis
The writing of the thesis must conform to the rules of methodology established by the academic unit. If the thesis consists of a series of published articles, it must conform to University's academic unit guidelines. It is important that the manuscript be of good quality in order to permit its reproduction.
4. Online Submission of the Thesis
Candidate will submit the thesis in the form of functional web site having logical navigation for approval. Candidate must register a domain name and get hosted on web sever which should be accessible globally.
5. Evaluation of Thesis
The examining board shall consist of three members. They will register their comments within 15 days time from the submission date. They may accept the thesis without defence or request the candidate to defend the thesis or suggest substantial revision or refuse the research work.
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