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Writing Your Final Project, Thesis, Dissertation or Research Paper
Your thesis paper will follow the following five (5) Chapter format:
1. Statement of your hypothesis.
2. Literature Review.
3. Methodology.
4. Analysis of the problems(s) or significant issues(s) involved.
5. Summary of your findings and your conclusions/recommendations.
Your final paper is comprised of two efforts: The Final Paper Proposal (Chapters 1 - 3) and the Final Paper (Chapters 1 - 5)
Proposal Preparation:
Chapter 1
An introduction which includes a statement of the problem, an overview of the study, the significance of the study [its purpose and application(s)], how and it's importance. It states the rationale and the scope of the study and describes in detail what you wish to prove or demonstrate.
Chapter 2
A review of related literature (i.e., past research and writings and their impact on the study). Research is done on the writings of other authors who have explored similar subjects. All perspectives are presented; including both positive and negative aspects.
Chapter 3
The method (minimum requirements) and the research design is explained (if applicable) and any special tools, surveys, statistical procedures, tests, comparisons, questionnaires or interviewing techniques used are described. For historical or case study methodologies, a description of current events (e.g., current work-related projects) which are associated with the review of related literature / information as discussed in Chapter 2 is provided.
Summary of Proposal
1. Title Page
2. A Table of Contents
3. Chapter 1,2 and 3 completed
4. References or Bibliography
Remember - your first three chapters are not yet final; these chapters are open to revision, while the final paper is being completed.
Final Paper
Completion of your final paper finalizes the process begun with the proposal by writing Chapters 4 and 5.
Chapter 4
The Data Analysis Section:
Analyzes your findings; the factors that could limit your data, where possible omission/ errors could occur and the reliability of your data.
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