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In most cases you will receive your degree within few months upon successful degree program completion. Apply Now
The one low fee for your degree includes the following items in your Graduation Package:
Your diploma will be the same quality as those issued by most traditional universities. The document will be printed on 72-lb parchment paper and is 8-1/2 x 11 inches. Larger sizes are available.
Your transcripts will include all courses required for the degree that you’re receiving. The documents will be printed on authentic university security paper and include the official university seal.
Registrar Service:
Should the need arise, the school registrar will provide a replacement diploma or transcripts, or verify that you graduated to any third party that you authorize to receive the information.

All Graduation Packages include diploma, transcripts and registrar service.
High School Diploma $350
Associate Degree $450
Bachelor Degree $595
Master Degree $695
Doctoral Degree $1195
Associate/Bachelor $945
Bachelor/Master $1295
Master/Doctoral $1695
Assoc/Bachelor/Master $1640
Bachelor/Master/Doctoral $1850
US only $40.00
International $80.00
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