The American Academy High School, a division of the American Coastline University, Professional Development Institute, was founded as a non-profit religious non-sectarian educational Association for elementary and high school studies and has been in operation since 1975. Its programs are designed to support homeschooling and individual independent study. The Academy is sponsored by Mustard Seed Ministries, a non-sectarian church devoted to ministry work throughout the world.

The American Academy High School has a varied and interesting background and has evolved into an internationally known distance learning institution for adult secondary education. In California, it originated as the Riverside Day School in 1975, later merging with Hollywood Professional School in 1979, then becoming Professional Entertainers Academy, Burbank, in 1982, and eventually known strictly as American Academy. In 1995, American Academy opened its Online Division through CALCampus. The Academy was founded in California as a non-sectarian, religious and philosophical educational organization to foster individual independent lifelong learning, personal and professional development. It was registered with the California Council of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education through 1998 and later the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. The Institute operates primarily as a Correspondence Institution of self-directed learning for adults and its educational programs are offered throughout the world. The Academic Records Center of American Academy Online Division is now closed, however, records up until 2000 are kept on file in East Rochester, New York. Permanent records after the year 2000 are kept at the University's main address.


American Academy High School now offers the mature adult the opportunity to test for their high school diploma (not a GED, your high school diploma).

The applicant may take the test locally through an assigned proctor any where in the world. The American Academy High School will have the student provide a professional librarian, high school teacher, or a local college professor/instructor proctor their examination. It is that proctors responsibility to then send the proctored examination back to the American Academy High School for grading.

When you fill out the American Academy High School application and select your proctor, we will email your proctor to verify their credentials. (They must provide an email address at their place of employment.)

Once the test has been proctored and emailed back to American Academy High School, it is graded and you are notified of your results.


Many adults in the United States were forced to quit high school and return much later in life to get a GED (often called, a General Education Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma). Unfortunately, having a GED and not a high school diploma gives those who hold a GED a bit of a stigma that it is not as good as a high school diploma.

This stigma has followed many adults from job to job and may have even prevented some adults from getting that job which could have led to an eventual career position.

American Academy High School now offers those with a GED the opportunity to get their high school diploma based on having their GED. Just fill out the American Academy High School diploma application form and submit it to our office with a photocopy of your GED and GED transcript that will be verified with that state education department.

Once verified, you will be issued an American Academy High School diploma

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