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1: Prospective Candidate submits the application to university for free evaluation purpose to get the desired degree.

2: Evaluation committee gives the acceptance or refusal on the basis of provided information. In case of refusal file is closed and intimated to concern candidate.

3: In case of acceptance, evaluation committee will request the candidate to submit followings documents:

    • prior academics transcript and work experience reference letter from current employer or senior colleague by
    • Candidate will submit the thesis topic on prescribed from along with the thesis description. Thesis Committee will review paragraphs for approval. If a topic is found to be inadequate due to subject matter or clarity, re-submittal is required.

Note: Thesis committee may accept or amend or refuse the topic.

4: In case of thesis topic acceptance, candidate will do the following steps

    • Fulfill the university financial obligations.
    • Candidate will be having flexible time frame to complete the thesis work

5: Candidate will submit the thesis in the form of functional web site having logical navigation for approval. Candidate must register a domain name and get hosted on web sever which should be accessible globally.

6: Thesis committee members will register their comments online with in 15 days from the submission date of thesis. Committee members may accept the thesis work or ask for the revision. In some cases, candidate may have to defend the thesis online.

7: In case of thesis work acceptance, University will confer the degree along with following documents.

    • Official Transcript
    • Graduation Letter
    • Student ID Card
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