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American Coastline University Distance Learning Online
From 1974 through 2002 American Coastline University has provided quality distance learning and distance education courses, distance learning diploma programs, distance learning certificate programs, and distance learning degree programs.

American Coastline University is an accredited member of the Educational Quality Accrediting Commission; the National Board of Education; the Association of Distance Learning Programs; and the Accreditation Governing Commission.

Exciting new programs are being offered along with an online platform for course delivery. We are now offering distance learning courses, distance learning degree programs, distance learning diploma programs, and distance learning and distance education certificate programs geared towards the busy professional who has many years of experiential and professional career experience. ACU provides an even higher quality of distance learning education than students have experienced in the past.

One area that will not change, from the previous American Coastline University, is our commitment to offering of a quality education in all of our distance learning courses, distance, distance learning certificate programs and distance learning and distance education diploma programs.
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