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We invite you to view a few of our Student Profiles:

P. H. - Montana

Since receiving my B.A. degree in Communications a year ago, I can attribute one of my interviews to the fact that I am currently a federal employee, (which gives someone preference over someone else who is not a federal employee), and all my other interviews to "who I know", who got me the interview. In the creative field, there is still the necessity to be able to "show your stuff", produced by using the industry standards. Read more >>


M. B. - Florida

Before I heard of Almeda College, I assumed my higher education was OVER! After my disabling injury that prevented me from driving my own Semi-Truck over the road, something I had done for over 30 years at the time of my accident plus maintaining a dual career as a Firefighter for 25 of those years, I decided it was time to go back and get my College Degree. After all those years of experience which included driving over 3 Million Miles without an accident. Read more >>


R. S. - Massachusetts

Let me tell you of the confidence and credibility my BS in Facilities Management has brought me. I work for MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington Ma. My Experience ranges over 35 years, as some one who has been a on again off again student attending night or full time classes has been hard. Almeda recognized my life experience and former education back round as a true representation of my skills. Read more >>


J. K. - Texas

I had thought about going back to school and getting my Masters, but work never really allowed it. Then the economic collapse began, the company I worked for (I was Vice President of Services) began experiencing issues with revenue and customer retention and in a short period of time they closed the regional office I ran and I was laid off. While this was certainly unnerving it was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me. Read more >>


J. R. - Okalahoma

I graduated in 2002. My company provided me with the chance to obtain my degree which in turn has allowed me to increase in wages. I'm now retired, but plan on using my degree in a new career.


T. W. - Indiana

I would like to tell you how my degree from Almeda College has helped me since I received it. The degree itself has not really helped my current job whatsoever. However, I have a home-based business as a contract trainer for law enforcement. Once I started putting on my resume that I was a graduate of Almeda College with a Major in Criminal Justice, I started to get calls from agencies in other states to assist them Read more >>


R. E. - North Carolina

When I was hired for my current position, my previous industrial research work was considered as equivalent to a Masters degree, which was permitted under the rules at that time. A few years after I was hired the requirements for my position changed, and my bachelors degree alone was no longer acceptable. I was "grand-fathered" in and kept my position. But despite my having 16 years of experience, publishing two-dozen academic papers. Read more >>


E. M.  - Texas

I dropped out of school during the 11th grade because we had just intergraded and it was a little much for me to digest at the time. I had gotten expelled for fighting with a teacher, so I decided to join the United States Army. While in the army I went on to complete my GED and soon started taking college course from a variety of colleges. My M.O.S. Military Occupation Skills was Infantry Read more >>


T. S. -  Colorado

After several months of unemployment, I was struggling to stay afloat. I am the single mother of two teenagers and was receiving no child support. I had gone through everything I had in savings, emptied my small 401K, and was not sure what to do next. With a heavy heart and a feeling of desperation, I was seriously considering my children's offer to take what they had in their small savings accounts. Read more >>


D. R. - Washington

My story begins in 1971 after I graduated from High School I entered the U.S. Air Force for four years. After active duty I have spent the rest of my time in the Army National Guard and Air Force Reserves, which ended in Nov 2002 with 27 years of service, and at the rank of E-7 MSG from the US Air Force Reserves. I have gathered many hours of credits through independent study, and actual class time with the military. Read more >>


M. A. S. - Missouri

Almeda College and University has brought me many new opportunities. After enrolling in the program in 2002 I was surprised with my results. On April 17th 2002 I received my Master of Business Administration with a major in Public Relations. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of satisfaction I received when I held my degree in my hands. I've have worked many years in Business. I finally feel I was given the opportunity to share my work. Read more >>


R.V. P. - Manama, Bahrain

First of all I thank you for inviting me to express a few words about myself as an alumni of Almeda College. At present I am working as Chief Account of a big advertising group. My MD is very much impressed with my new degree and straight away he reimbursed me 50% of the course fee. Now a days he is introducing me to the people as a MBA degree holder. Read more >>


P. D. - Hawaii

Obtaining my MBA (in risk management) from Almeda has had a very positive impact on my career. I already held a Masters in Public Health (MPH) and was the health and safety coordinator for a moderate-sized public school district (over 1200 employees and 13,000 students) in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. The Almeda MBA, with the emphasis on the business side of risk management and safety, unquestionably contributed to my obtaining. Read more >>


D. C. - Ohio

I attended a traditional college when I was too young to know what I wanted and how to get it. The counseling was horribly inadequate and I was trying to please my family, not myself. By the time I realized my real interest it was too late and my grades suffered. I used that experience as a building block and for the next 40 years, applied myself in my music. My accomplishments meet and, in most cases, exceed those who have numerous degrees from major institutions. Read more >>


K. S. - Illinois

I graduated from high school in 1980. At that time I chose to work a full time job and attend my local community college full time. I graduated, with honors, with my Associates Degree in Business Administration in 1980. I then transferred to a local secondary school to complete my next two years of schooling for my Bachelors Degree. Read more >>

Read what some of our Almuni have to say:

Prior Learning Assessment degree program gave me the opportunity to better myself, my business and it gave my clients more confidence in my abilities.

R.B.Y. London, England

After receiving my degree in Marketing from Almeda, I was rewarded by the company I work for with a surprise party, an extra week of vacation, and a notification from our Vice President about my achievement, on which all employees were copied. When our new fiscal year began, I was awarded a pay raise commensurate with those already having their degrees. The investment I made with Almeda College was well worth my time and effort.

M.O., Indiana.

I am very happy about the degree that I received. Since I do have a lot of experience but not enough time to attend college the traditional method, the Almeda program gave me the opportunity to upgrade myself, my business and gave my clients more confidence in my abilities.

R.Y., United Kingdom

I received my Bachelor Degree in Health Care Administration this year. By obtaining my BSHC I am insured job protection should the requirements for my position be raised from an Associate to Bachelor degree. My career options are much greater, as I can apply for jobs, if I desire, that require a Baccalaureate degree. There is no downside to obtaining my BSHC. Thanks Almeda.

B.A.M., Missouri

I always sent the same questionnaire and so many sites I never heard back from them. You were very prompt, and answered all my questions. I checked out your web site, being sure that you were accredited, what further schooling, and qualifications I would require to finish my degree. I was absolutely amazed with the quality of your educators, and the simple process I had to go through to achieve my goals.

J.M.G., Nevada

By December 2002 I had landed my dream job with a global company, headquartered in Chicago, that is the leader in their field. I now have a challenging rewarding career that has many open career paths for me to follow. I love my new job and I firmly believe that my completion of my degree with Almeda was crucial in my attaining this rewarding and challenging position.

K.S., Illinois.

My goal of attaining a degree was realized through Almeda by my past college courses that I have taken and also my work life experience. When you think about it, this combination of education and real life workforce experience is an awesome combination. Taking the knowledge from education and combining it with the sweat of the brow. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

T.B., Tennessee

I will be soon retiring from the federal government with my Almeda Master's degree, work experience, and a really great network of friends around the world. I expect, as a result of these three factors, to be able to have a really nice retirement wherever in the world I decide to go.

J.C., Okinawa, Japan.

Many intuitions utilize accelerated learning, cohort, cluster and other innovated programs to reach and meet individual student needs. Almeda College's degree program assessment and verification process utilized my educational and professional achievements, which included college courses, seminars, workshops, work-study, and on-the- job training programs. My degree's conferment and award was based upon evaluations of my accomplishments, many of which have exceeded the content, format and substance of many traditional degree programs' criteria.

L.J., Southeastern USA.

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