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Q: Who can enroll at Almeda?
A: Anyone with a high school diploma and years of significant experience, skills, knowledge, and/or expertise in a given field of study. We accept students from across the United States and around the world. All students are evaluated on an individual basis according to predefined criteria.

Q: Do you approve everyone who applies?
A: No, we do not. However, if you can prove that you have significant qualifications, education, skills or experience in your stated area of expertise, you will be strongly considered for an Almeda degree.

Q: Who approves student applications?
A: Almeda works in partnership with a number of academic and business professionals who are experts in their field. Once we receive your application, we will assign an appropriate assessor to review and evaluate your credentials according to the skills, knowledge, and experience required for mastery of your chosen field of study.

Q: Do you have any residency requirements?
A: No. Geography is no barrier to prospective students who wish to earn a degree from Almeda. As a distance learning institution, Almeda does not operate a campus like traditional educational institutions do. Due to the benefits of online technology, our students come from across the United States and around the world.

Q: Is Almeda accredited?
A: Yes. Almeda is accredited by the Association for Online Academic Excellence (AOAEX). This is a private accrediting agency that ensures online distance learning programs are credible and meet with AOAEX's high standards for educational excellence. Accreditation by AOAEX ensures that degrees issued by Almeda carry the weight they need to be accepted by small, medium, and large companies across the United States and around the world. However, accreditation by AOAEX does not guarantee that your degree will be accepted by everyone. If you are unsure about whether the company you work for or the company you would like to apply to will accept your degree, we encourage you to contact them before proceeding any further with us. In addition, accreditation by AOAEX is not the same as regional accreditation. For this reason, Almeda is unable to participate in the federal student aid program or the GI Bill. At this point, Almeda is not regionally accredited. However, we do everything possible to ensure our program complies with their stringent requirements for experiential learning programs so that we may seek accreditation at a future time. Any changes to Almeda's accreditation status will be announced immediately on this web site.

Q: How is Almeda different from traditional colleges and universities?
A: Almeda is a non-traditional, distance learning educational institution. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, we have no residency requirements, no buildings or campus, no full-time faculty, and we do not offer a catalogue of courses. Instead, we use technology to reach students, allowing them to pursue their degree wherever they are. We recognize that not everyone has the time or money required to attend a traditional university. Through our Life Experience Degree and Certificate Program, we offer students the opportunity to obtain their degree based on knowledge and experience they already have. This takes far less time and money than going the traditional route, thereby allowing you to advance your career by obtaining a degree without having to take time away from work or family.

Q: How is Almeda different from other distance learning institutions?
A: Unlike many other distance learning institutions, Almeda College is not a "degree mill" that hands out credentials to anyone who sends in their registration fee. While our goal is to make a college degree accessible to everyone, applicants are considered on an individual basis, entirely on their own merit, according to predefined criteria. If you qualify, you can be assured that your degree will be recognized and respected by prospective employers and other working professionals.

Q: What types of degree does Almeda offer?
A: Almeda grants prestigious undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of fields, including Arts, Sciences, Business Administration, Communications and Computer Science.

Q: Can I acquire a medical or law degree through Almeda?
A: No. Almeda provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, but we do not offer doctorates of any kind, including medical doctorates. This is true no matter how extensive your medical experience may be. We also do not offer law degrees.

Q: How long will it take to receive my degree?
A: The assessment process can take anywhere from 48 hours to several years depending on your qualifications and experience and our ability to verify your data. The length of time required for verification is affected by several factors, including the number of additional transcripts, certificates or certifications we need from you and how long it takes you to get them to us. You may also be required to take a few more courses before we can grant you a degree.

Once you are approved for a degree from Almeda, just like at a major college or university, it will take 7 to 10 business days to prepare your degree, student record, and other materials before they are shipped out to you via FedEx.

Q: What do I get with my degree?
A: With every Almeda degree, you receive the following additional products and services:

All Alumni services, including career guidance, online learning resources, and so forth.
A degree, printed on high quality parchment paper, suitable for framing.
A student record based upon our assessment of your qualifications and will include all pertinent courses. No mention of the words "equivalency," "non-traditional," "distance learning," or any similar expression will appear on your academic record or any other record you receive from Almeda College and University.
Third-party verification for employment purposes. Provided we receive written permission from you, we will supply verification of your degree and date of graduation in writing to any and all inquiries from legitimate third parties. Note: We cannot respond to phone inquiries for security and confidentiality reasons. Verification requests should be faxed to us at (360) 343-6477
A free, beautifully framed copy of your degree ready for display in your home or office. The exact style of framing is subject to change.


Q: Will my degree be legal? Can I include it on my resume and other official documents?
A: Your Almeda degree is as legitimate as any other. Once obtained, you are free to include it on your resume, business card, letterhead, passport, web site, job application, or any other official document you fill out.

Q: Are Almeda Degrees accepted by Industry and Business?
A: Many employers pay our applicants tuition! Our students come from Fortune 500 companies, government and military agencies, small businesses, and more. Acceptance of any degree depends on the individual company, agency, association, or board. We recommend checking with the institution prior to enrolling.

Q: How will I be able to verify my degree to prospective employers?
A: When you pay your tuition to Almeda, one thing you purchase is confidential third party verification for employment purposes. Provided we receive written permission from you, we will supply verification of your degree and date of graduation in writing to any and all inquiries from legitimate third parties. Note: We cannot respond to phone inquiries for security and confidentiality reasons. Verification requests should be faxed to us at (360) 343-6477.

Q: Will my degree mention that I gained it through distance learning or the Life Experience program?
A: No mention of the words "equivalency," "non-traditional," "distance learning," or any similar expression will appear on your degree, your academic record or any other documents you receive from Almeda College and University.

Q: What will my GPA be?
A: GPA is only used for credits earned through academic courses. The courses for which you are awarded as part of your work or life experience will be marked with a "P" for pass.

Q: If I obtain a degree from Almeda, will I be able to transfer my credits or use my degree to enter a graduate or post-graduate program at another institution?
A: The short answer to this question is: Some colleges will; some won't. The reality is that few colleges or universities recognize credits earned at other institutions. This goes for traditional colleges, such as Harvard or Yale, as well as non-traditional colleges like Almeda. Therefore, if you wish to use your Almeda degree as the basis for further education or to transfer your Almeda credits to another educational institution, we encourage you to contact that institution before pursuing your degree at Almeda to see what their policy is on this matter.

Q: Can I transfer credits from other schools to Almeda?
A: Yes. If you have completed college coursework at another educational institution, you can transfer those documented credit hours toward your Almeda degree. Some qualified candidates completely satisfy their general education requirements through transfer credit in addition to their life and work experience.

Q: Do you accept military education programs, such as the GI Bill?
A: Not at this time. However, you may be able to receive a tuition reimbursement from the military. Please contact your local Veteran Affairs office for more information.

Q: I earned an Associate degree from a local community college. How many of these credits will transfer to one of the Almeda College and University undergraduate degree programs?
A: Almeda welcomes credits from nationally, or regionally, accredited community colleges. Because Associate degrees typically require general education courses, students are usually able to receive 60 hours of transfer credit for their associate degree coursework.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain a degree from Almeda?
A: Almeda's tuition fees vary according to the degree(s) you obtain. However, fees are the same for all students, no matter where you live. Please see our fees page for more specific information.

Q: Does Almeda offer a student loan or financial aid program?
A: No. Payment of all tuition fees is entirely the responsibility of the student. However, because Almeda does not operate a campus or employ full-time faculty, these fees are much lower than what you would have to pay for a degree from a traditional college or university.

Q: What if I don't have a computer or access to the Internet? Can I still obtain an Almeda degree?
A: We do not provide "hard copies" of our application.

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