From: Almeda College []
Subject: Status update from Almeda
Date: -------- Jun 2003 -----

Student ID Number: -------:

Dear Arthur ---:

Thank you for submitting your application materials to Almeda College and
University for our consideration. After thoroughly reviewing your
credentials and verifying them, as needed, our assessment committee is
pleased to announce that you have been approved for the degree Master of
Business Administration in Operations Management.


Almeda takes pride in its graduates. Accredited by the Association for
Online Academic Excellence and recognized by businesses the world over for
the high quality of its students, Almeda looks forward to adding your name
to its list of high-achieving alumni. We know your degree will enable you
to take a giant leap forward in your career while giving you a personal
sense of achievement and satisfaction. We look forward to hearing how your
Almeda degree changes your life.

All that remains is for you to pay the assessment fee for your degree, a
mere --- plus shipping. (**See below for discount offers plus overnight
shipping option.**)

For this fee, you will receive:

* A degree, printed on high quality parchment paper, suitable for framing.

* A student record based upon our assessment of your qualifications. This
will include all pertinent courses. No mention of the words “equivalency,”
“non-traditional,” “distance learning,” or any similar expression will
appear on your academic record or any other record you receive from Almeda
College and University.

* A free, beautifully framed copy of your degree ready for display in your
home or office. The exact style of framing is subject to change.

    *****See images of these items at the following link*****

* Third-party verification for employment purposes. Provided we receive
written permission from you, we will supply verification of your degree and
date of graduation in writing to any and all inquiries from legitimate
third parties. Note: We cannot respond to phone inquiries for
confidentiality reasons. We will provide you with a complete information
package detailing how you can set up this service.

In addition to the above, your Almeda degree also entitles you to take
advantage of the many services offered by our career resource centre,
including resume writing, career consulting, career guidance, and more.
Almeda graduates receive substantial discounts on all of these and other
services. Please visit our career resource center for more information.

**Act now and save on shipping costs! If you respond within 30 days, Almeda
will reduce your shipping costs by ---.**

United States - FedEx       --- - less --- = ---
Canada or Mexico - FedEx    --- - less --- = ---
International - FedEx       --- - less --- = ---

* All packages are shipped FedEx Air except to places where FedEx shipping
is not available.

[some payment details removed]

When you are ready to make payment, you can do so by using our secure
server at or by calling our
toll free registration line during normal business hours: 1-877-829-6419.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, bank wire transfers,
and checks. Once payment is made, we will ship your degree and supporting
documents via FedEx within eight business days.

Need your degree sooner? If you make payment before 10 a.m. (EST) on any
regular business day, we can ship your documents within two business days
for an additional fee of ---.

Although we do not anticipate an increase in fees, please note that the
fees quoted here are guaranteed for 30 days only. If you respond after this
time period, you will be responsible for any additional fees that may be in

Once again, congratulations, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hunter Jameson, Admissions
Almeda College and University
Toll Free: (877)829-6419