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The McAloon Group

•Assisting individuals find their ideal career or position themselves for promotion, recognition or growth in their current field.
•Individuals who are managers who want to be more effective.

•Individuals who want to expand their lives, achieve more, do more. 

•Individuals who are over-extended and are seeking balance between work and home/recreation.
Location: Services Available Nationwide 
452 9th Street • Brooklyn, NY

Almeda Discount: 15% discount.


Life-Coach Consulting

Location: Redlands CA
Specialty: People in career or life transition.  Mentoring other coaches. Small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Busy professionals who want a life! Scientifically validated DISC and Values assessments. 
Almeda Discount: I am happy to offer a free 30-45 minute telephone consultation without obligation, and a 10% discount of negotiated fees to your alumni.

Par Excellence Coaching

Specialties: Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Career Options, International Business/Cultures, Staff/Management, Executive Coaching
Communications, Corporate Culture Change
Location: Brookline MA
Almeda Discount: Negotiable


Edward A. Dreyfus, Ph.D.

Specialty: people in career transition; people who wish to maximize their potential; people wanting to gain more balance in their lives; people wanting to choose a satisfying career; those with an entrepreneurial spirit

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Almeda Discount: 15% discount.

The Leadership Group International

Specialty: Career transitions; leadership development; career guidance and counseling; team coaching; entrepreneurship; personal guidance and counseling

Location: Lancaster, OH
Almeda Discount: Almeda graduates would receive first session free, then a 10% discount on long term agreements of two months or more.



Success Coaching for Women

Location: Folsom Ca

Specialty: Business Coaching, Finding Balance Between Work and Home, Success Coaching, Succession Planning, Career Change and Transition, Finding Employment
Almeda Discount: I can off two free 30 minute session and 20% off.

Collins Coaching, LLC


Location: MadisonWI
Specialty: I provide all types of career coaching. I have had 27 years of experience in advising and coaching--through my own coaching business, as well as in both the public and private sectors and in both large and small organizations. I have coached/advised a wide variety of people, including students, business owners, financial professionals, technology professionals, engineers, lawyers. scientists, trainers, athletes, nurses, nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, secretaries, paraprofessionals, construction workers, politicians, executives in the corporate arena and in government, administrative assistants, artists, managers and entrepreneurs.
Almeda Discount: I will offer a 10% discount to the graduates of Almeda College.

CareerTeam Partners

Location: New York,  NY  10023
Specialty: Individuals in mid-career looking either to explore other functions, industries or both; Managers looking for assistance through executive coaching in being more effective in their current job situations; executives looking for guidance and strategy in starting their own businesses, people re-entering the workplace after absences
Almeda Discount: We can offer a 10 percent discount on sessions.

Academic Coach

Location: Columbia, MD
Specialty: career transition — displaced homemakers — generation x — creative types — small business start-up
Almeda Discount: Free consultation

CRT Consulting Services

Location: Cambridge, MA 
Specialty: - career transition - workplace problem intervention - re-entering the workforce - dealing with difficult bosses - exploring your career options
- navigating the politics of the workplace - responding productively to criticism and feedback - managing the review process - women at work and in transition - non-traditional workers and the workplace - learning business communication skills
Almeda Discount: Free introductory session and $75/hr. Free Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test with first paid session.


eWard Associates LLC

Location: Brooklyn NY
specialty: -People in career transition, entry level workers and supervisors, mentoring entry and mid level executives for upper leadership and management positions. Preparing 17-21 year olds for the job market. In additional business communications and addiction prevention education and counseling. 
Almeda Discount: Free consultation and I can give aa 10% discount of $150 to individual students. I will even provide a free teleclass. 



Personal Coaching Services

Location: Bloomington  IL
Specialty:My mission would be to help the client to create a life that he/she truly desires based upon a deep sense of purpose. I counsel with people who are going through career and life transitions. For career planning, I use John Holland's Self-Directed Search (SDS) to help client's determine which occupation he/she is best suited for. In brief, I assess the client's skills and abilities, motivations, interests, values, experience, and accomplishments, in order to connect him with the right occupation. In addition, I counsel clients who are experiencing emotional blocks to making a career choice, such as, depression, anxiety, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, and perfectionism.
Almeda Discount: Free consultation to determine what the alumni's needs are.


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