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The Association for Online Academic Excellence
Code of Ethics

The AOAEX has established the following standards of excellence for our Member Schools:

Article 1
Members pledge themselves to promote student education.

Article 2
Members agree to treat all students honestly and equally. Members do not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs or marital or family status.

Article 3
Members shall protect all confidentiality between a student and the staff.

Article 4
Members shall cooperate with other member schools accredited by the AOAEX when such cooperation is in the interest of the student.

Article 5
Members shall have a grievance procedure so students may be given an opportunity to be heard.

Article 6
Members shall not accept payment to falsify a student's grades, or to in any way take payment to award a student passage of any grade or test.

Article 7
Members shall have a drop-refund policy and make all refunds according to that stated policy.

Article 8
Members will keep in confidence all records between the student and the institution and not release any information except with the prior approval of the student.

Additional Requirements:

All Member Schools believe that education is a joint partnership between the institution and the student.

A violation of the code of ethics is sufficient cause for cancellation of accreditation.

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