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Almeda College & University offers a full range of benefits and services to our alumni. When you earned your degree with us, you became part of an institution dedicated to your lifelong success. We embrace our mission to do whatever possible to assist your pursuit of happiness and prosperity. From career coaches and counselors to resume and document editing services, Almeda professionals stand ready to help you achieve your goals. We offer all of the following services to our alumni at substantial discounts unavailable to the general public.

Career Counselors: Preparing you for your online job search! Almeda is affiliated with fifteen professional organizations to assist you in obtaining your career goals. If you want to expand your life—doing more and earning with your abilities—our counselors are here to help. Want to assess, change, or advance your career? Want to sell yourself without selling your soul? Our affiliates can show you how. They also offer substantial discounts to Almeda alumni!

Career Coaches: Making you better at what you do! Perhaps you’re happy in your position but simply want to be more effective and efficient. Whether you desire to navigate workplace politics, respond more productively to feedback, or learn better business communication skills, Almeda affiliates specialize in fine-tuning your skills. As an Almeda alumnus, you have a free consultation and discount awaiting you!

Resume Service: Putting your best foot forward! Your resume can make or break you. Period. You may never get through the door for an interview if your resume doesn’t impress. Let’s be perfectly clear here: You can lose the job of your dreams with a mediocre resume. Almeda has teamed up with Career Objectives, truly one of the world’s finest resume writing services. Their professionals will customize a resume that will open the doors of opportunity and get you the interviews you so justly deserve. Editing Service: Perfecting your writing! Have you written an article, application letter, or important piece of business correspondence? Make sure it’s letter perfect before sending it out. The doctors of English at will take your ailing text and inject it with a jolt of energy and style. If it’s written in English, they can revise it into perfect English. What’s more, they offer a whopping 25% discount to Almeda alumni!

We guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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