At Adams University our Mission Statement can be summed up in a single sentence. Since we began our ever-present and foreshadowing goal has been to offer high quality educational opportunities which will enable students to reach their individual academic goals.

This mission is accomplished by offering specialized course work in a variety of disciplines. A highly individualized, creative learning environment incorporates both traditional and innovative instructional techniques.

Our mission stands strong through equality, Adams University does not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religious affiliation, or disability in any of it's programs or activities.

We envision a global university system with Adams University's Online Programs serving as its axis. A system which will regard its students as learning associates, focus on the business education needs of students worldwide, promote cultural integration and acceptance, meet the preparation demands of an ever-changing international marketplace.

Our philosophy in executing our mission dictates that we employ and maintain a competent online facility that is dedicated to providing our students with a quality learning opportunity, that we be responsive to the needs of our students, and that we conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner.

A Special Message from the President

We hope that you will consider Adams University as a partner in your educational experience, and that you will join with us as you venture into the foundation or continuation of your career.

Adams University and it's students take a special pride in their commitment to each other. Years after leaving the hallowed halls of Adams University many former students return. Some return to continue their education while others return and take part in the Alumni Association and try to build an even better institution for students of the future.

Through the reasons may vary, the mission of the university, the commitment to it's students, or the overall educational experience, you will find Adams University will play an effective roll in your future.

Enjoy you visit to our university web site.

Dr. Paul B. Lapin


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