Welcome to the website and virtual campus of Adams University. At no other juncture in human history has the opportunity to gain a quality education been made so manifest as today. The explosive growth of online education has created an atmosphere of instant connectivity between student and educator. Adams University will introduce you to the best in online education. At present we have over four hundred online courses with plans to expand in the future.

Adams University is a non-traditional educational institution located on the Internet. Online educational courses at Adams University are open to all individuals who qualify for entrance, and individuals who have the specified prerequisites for each course.

This website has been designed to help you in making any decision about an Internet education. Below you will find brief descriptions of all the major areas of the Adams University web site. Each page has a bold heading at the top which will tell you where you are at, and navigation buttons to the right side of each page will help you go to the desired location. Also on each page below the navigation buttons you will find links or downloadable PDF formatted information useful to any student. Many papers to assist in your learning experience are available in PDF format both on this site and other sites that we will link to.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement is a description of the schools priorities and what they hope to accomplish through those priorities. Adams University and it's dedication to the online courses are discussed in this statement, as well as future ambitions and goals.

Course Information

The Course Information area will give you an idea of each class, and in some cases an online syllabus may be available. This area will also let you know what courses are presently scheduled to be offered.

Virtual Campus

In this area you will find our electronic resources and tools for online research and study. There are also links to our online library and many other useful places in cyberspace.

Online Learning

This is a great place to begin your tour of our web site. Online courses sound great, but they are not for every student. This area will help you to understand what an online course is and what is required. Ultimately, this area will help you to decide if an online education is right for you.

Contact Us

Maybe you have some questions or need more information. This area will give you several ways of contacting us to get the information that you need. However, if you are already a student, your questions should be sent through the Online Help Desk available after you login.


The LOGIN area is where registered students access their courses. Once your registration forms are processed, you will be provided with a USER ID and PASSWORD to access this area.

We hope that you will find Adams University as the next step in your career.

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Adams University Alumni is developing an addition to our web site and will have it operational shortly.

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