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dns resolves to

Mail for is handled by (10)

whois -h magic

whois -h

Error - whois.isi.edudoesn't seem to exist

traceroute resolves to

Do not contact either Los Nettos ( or Centergate Research Group ( based on the results of this traceroute.

 3   13.298 ms [AS226] Los Nettos origin AS
 4  7.787 ms [AS2914] Verio
 5   9.923 ms [AS2914] Verio
 6   8.501 ms [AS2914] Verio
 7    43.839 ms [AS2914] Verio
 8     71.615 ms [AS2914] Verio
 9   71.674 ms [AS2914] Verio
10   72.681 ms (DNS error) [AS2914] Verio
11     73.767 ms  DNS error [AS2914] Verio

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