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Degrees Conferred Section
UGA Degrees Joint Degrees Certificate Pgms
Major/Degree(s)   Major/Degree(s)
Accounting BBA,MACC   Home Economics MFCS
Adult Education MED,EDS,EDD,PHD   Honors Interdisciplinary Studies AB,ABJ,BS,BSA
Advertising ABJ   Horticulture** BSA,MS,PHD
Aerospace Studies***     Housing** BSFCS
African American Studies AB   Housing & Consumer Economics MS,PHD
Agribusiness** BSA   Human Resource & Organizational Development MED
Agricultural Communications BSA   Instructional Technology MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Agricultural Economics** BSA,MAE,MS,PHD   Interdisciplinary Studies AB,BFA,BS
Agricultural Education BSA,MED   Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science***  
Agricultural Engineering BSAE,MS   International Business BBA
Agricultural Extension MAEXT   Internet Technology MIT
Agronomy MS,PHD   Italian** AB
Anatomy MS   Japanese Language & Literature** AB
Animal & Dairy Science PHD   Journalism & Mass Communication MA
Animal Health BSA   Korean Language & Literature***  
Animal Nutrition PHD   Landscape & Grounds Management BSA
Animal Science** BSA,MS   Landscape Architecture BLA,MLA
Anthropology** AB,MA,PHD   Language Education PHD
Applied Mathematical Sciences MAMS   Latin** AB,MA
Art Education BFA,BSED,MAED,EDS,EDD   Life-Span Developmental Psychology PHD
Art History** AB,MA   Linguistics** AB,MA,PHD
Artificial Intelligence MS   Location Analysis BBA
Asian Languages and Literatures***     Magazines ABJ
Avian Medicine MAM   Management BBA
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology** BS,MS,PHD   Management Information Systems BBA
Biological & Agricultural Engineering PHD   Marine Sciences MS,PHD
Biological Engineering BSBE,MS   Marketing BBA
Biological Science BSA   Marketing Education BSED,MED
Biology** BS   Marketing Research MMR
Botany** BS,MS,PHD   Mass Communication** MMC,PHD
Broadcast News ABJ   Mathematics** AB,BS,MA,PHD
Business Administration MA,MBA,PHD   Mathematics Education BSED,MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Business Education BSED,MED   Medical Microbiology MS,PHD
Cellular Biology** BS,MS,PHD   Microbiology AB,BS,MS,PHD
Chemistry** AB,BS,BSCHEM,MS,PHD   Middle School Education BSED,MED,EDS,PHD
Child & Family Development BSFCS,MFCS,MS,PHD   Military Science***  
Child & Family Development/Early Childhood Education: Prekindergarten through Grade 2 BSFCS   Music** AB,MA,MM,DMA,PHD
Chinese Language & Literature***     Music Composition# BMUS
Classical Culture** AB   Music Education# BMUS,MMED,EDS,EDD
Classics MA   Music Performance# BMUS
Clothing & Textiles BSFCS   Music Theory# BMUS
Cognitive Science AB   Music Therapy# BMUS
College Student Affairs Administation MED   Newspapers ABJ
Communication Sciences & Disorders BSED,MED,EDS,PHD   Nonprofit Organizations MA
Community Nutrition BSFCS   Nutrition Science** BSFCS
Comparative Literature** AB,MA,PHD   Occupational Studies MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Computer Science** AB,BS,MS,PHD   Office Information Systems AAS
Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development MS   Pharmacology (Vet. Med.) MS,PHD
Consumer Economics** BSFCS   Pharmacy BSPHR,PHARMD,MS,PHD
Consumer Foods** BSFCS   Philosophy** AB,MA,PHD
Consumer Journalism BSFCS   Physical Education and Sport Studies MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Counseling & Student Personnel Services PHD   Physical Education/Athletic Coaching ***  
Counseling Psychology PHD   Physics** AB,BS,BSPCS,MS,PHD
Criminal Justice** AB   Physics & Astronomy** AB,BS,BSPA
Crop & Soil Sciences MCSS   Physiology (Vet. Med.) MS,PHD
Crop Science** BSA   Plant Pathology** MS,PHD
Dairy Science** BSA,MS   Plant Protection & Pest Management BSA,MPPPM
Dance Education** BSED   Political Science** AB,MA,PHD
Dietetics BSFCS   Portuguese***  
Drama** AB,MFA,PHD   Poultry Science** BSA,MS,PHD
Early Childhood Education BSED,MED,EDS,PHD   Psychology** AB,BS,MS,PHD
Ecology BS,MS,PHD   Public Administration MPA,DPA
Economics AB,BBA,MA,PHD   Public Relations ABJ
Education MA   Publication Management ABJ
Education of Gifted EDD   Reading Education MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Educational Leadership MED,EDS,EDD   Real Estate BBA
Educational Measurements EDD   Recreation & Leisure Studies BSED,MED,EDS,PHD
Educational Philosophy MED,EDD   Rehabilitation Counseling MED
Educational Psychology MED,EDS,EDD,PHD   Religion** AB,MA
Elementary Education PHD   Research Design EDD
English** AB,MA,MAT,PHD   Risk Management & Insurance BBA
English Education BSED,MED,EDS   Romance Languages AB,MA,MAT,PHD
English/Speech Education BSED   Russian** AB
Entomology** BS,BSA,MS,PHD   Safety Education MED,EDS
Environmental Economics MS   School Psychology EDS,EDD
Environmental Economics & Management BSES   School Psychometrist MED
Environmental Health BSEH,MS   Science Education BSED,MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Environmental Soil Science** BSES   Science Education/Biology BSED
Exercise and Sports Science BSED   Science Education/Chemistry BSED
Exercise Science MED,EDD,PHD   Social Foundations of Education PHD
Family & Consumer Sciences Education BSFCS,MED   Social Science Education BSED,MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Fashion Merchandising BSFCS   Social Science Education/Economics BSED
Film Studies***     Social Science Education/Geography BSED
Finance BBA   Social Science Education/History BSED
Fisheries and Aquaculture BSFR   Social Science Education/Political Science BSED
Food Science** BSA,MS,PHD   Social Work BSW,MSW,PHD
Food Technology MFT   Sociology** AB,MA,PHD
Foods and Nutrition MFCS,MS,PHD   Spanish** AB,MA,MAT
Foreign Language Education BSED   Special Education BSED,MED,EDS,EDD,PHD
Forest Environmental Resources BSFR   Speech Communication** AB,MA,PHD
Forest Resources BSFR,MFR,MS,PHD   Sport Studies BSED
Forestry BSFR   Statistics** AB,BS,MS,PHD
French** AB,MA,MAT   Studio Art AB
Furnishings & Interiors BSFCS   Teaching Additional Languages MED,EDS
General Business BBA   Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages***  
Genetics** BS,MS,PHD   Technological Studies BSED,MED
Geography** AB,BS,MA,MS,PHD   Telecommunication Arts ABJ
Geology** AB,BS,MS,PHD   Textile Science** BSFCS
German** AB,MA,MAT   Textile Sciences PHD
Germanic and Slavic Languages AB   Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors MS
Greek** AB,MA   Toxicology MS,PHD
Guidance & Counseling MED,EDS   Turfgrass Management** BSA
Health & Physical Education BSED   Veterinary Medicine DVM
Health Promotion & Behavior MED,PHD   Veterinary Parasitology MS,PHD
Health Promotion & Education BSED   Veterinary Pathology MS,PHD
Higher Education EDD,PHD   Wildlife BSFR
Historic Preservation MHP   Women's Studies** AB
History** AB,MA,MAT,PHD      
*Undergraduate Art majors: Art Education, Art History (AB)**, Ceramics, Digital Media, Drawing, Fabric Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Jewelry and Metalwork, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Scientific Illustration, and Sculpture.
**Undergraduate minor also offered.
***Undergraduate minor only offered.
#Applied Areas in Music Degrees: Baritone, bassoon, cello, clarinet, composition, double bass, electronic music, flute, French horn, guitar, harp, harpsichord, oboe, organ, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola, violin, voice.
Source: Institutional Research and Planning
UGA Degrees Joint Degrees Certificate Pgms
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