Frequently Asked Questions


Who can enroll at Adams College?   back to top

Anyone who is 18-years of age and possesses a high school diploma or equivalent can apply to Adams College. We accept students from every part of the world. All students are evaluated on an individual basis according to our admissions policy.

Do you approve everyone who applies to Adams College?   back to top

No, we do not. However, if you have significant work experience, previous education, professional skills or experience in your desired degree major, you will be strongly considered for a degree from Adams College. We will do our best to get you approved for a degree.

What will I get with the program?   back to top

You will receive an official diploma, official transcripts, an authentic padded diploma cover, embossed with the official Adams College seal. You may purchase other items from our online store, such as official degree frames, Adams College apparel, Coffee Mugs, etc. You will have access to degree verification services ongoing, and you may order subsequent transcripts from our Alumni Page. The Registrar will mail all transcripts with 2-business days of the request. There is a nominal administration fee of $ 9.00 for subsequent transcript orders.

What will my degree look like?   back to top

There will be no mention on any documents of how you earned your degree at Adams College. Adams College uses a professional printing firm to prepare our official documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, etc. (Click here for a sample of what your diploma will look like) Our Diplomas are printed on high quality heavy cotton stock equal to that of the State University System. Our diplomas meet ISO standards and are equal in quality to a diploma issued from Penn State, UCLA, etc. Transcripts are printed on high quality transcript security paper and cannot be altered, due to the unique qualities of the paper. The security paper we use to prepare official transcripts is watermarked and exceeds the industry standard for security features.

Is my Adams College Degree verifiable?   back to top

Yes, your degree from Adams College is a legal degree and can be verified through our Registrar's office. We do offer an Apostille service to authenticate your degree in over 61-countires for an extra fee. Your degree can be verified through facsimile or mail request at no extra cost. We cannot release any student information without written consent of the student. It is illegal for anyone to get access to your student records without your express written consent. We will not verify your degree over the telephone, as we will have no way of knowing if the request is authorized by the student.

What are your residency requirements?   back to top

Due to the Internet and available technologies, Adams College is able to serve students from around the world. Your geographical location is no barrier to prospective students who wish to earn a degree from Adams College. As a distance learning institution, Adams College does not operate in a traditional campus setting. Due to the benefits of online technology, our students come from across the United States and around the world.

Is Adams College Accredited?   back to top

Yes, we are. Accreditation is a voluntary process in which, each college or university may decide for itself what type of accreditation is appropriate and necessary to accomplish its educational mission. Adams College operates in an International scope, offering degree programs to professional adults worldwide. Degree applicants are not required to attend classes or complete extensive courses. We are a non-traditional, non-residency degree granting college, which offers degrees based on portfolio assessment of academic work and life experiences.
Accreditation is a unique and private non-governmental function. Colleges seek Accreditation so they may be recognized by the Federal Government to receive the government's educational funding. Residence and attendance by students is also needed for eligibility. Therefore, since Adams College does not receive any government educational funding or require residency of its students, Adams College has not applied for and is not accredited by an accrediting agency or association recognized by the U.S. Commissioner of Education.
We have, instead, applied and received accreditation from the Central States Association Council on Distance Education, 4401 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 205, Washington, DC 20001. The CSACDE is not a government agency. The CSACDE evaluates private online institutions based on standards set forth in their policies regarding academic excellence. If licensure is your goal, you should first contact the organization whom with, you are seeking licensure; to determine if they will accept a degree earned through portfolio assessment and life experience.

Will my degree from Adams College be accepted?   back to top

We cannot warrant who will or will not accept a degree from Adams College. We have found that degrees earned at Adams College are widely accepted. Degrees issued from Adams College are legal, but how you choose to use your degree may not be. We encourage you to be honest about how you earned your degree from Adams College.

Where is Adams College located?   back to top

Adams College is a Vanuatu International Company. For your convenience we list a US mail forwarding address and toll free US telephone and facsimile numbers on all official documents.

How does Adams College differ from most traditional colleges and universities?   back to top

Adams College is a non-traditional, distance learning educational institution. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, we have no residency requirements, no buildings or campus, no full-time faculty, and we do not offer a catalogue of courses. Instead, we use technology to reach students, allowing them to pursue their degree from wherever they are located. We recognize that not everyone has the time or money required to attend a traditional college or university.

What degree majors do you offer?   back to top

Please click here for a complete list of majors. We do not offer any Medical Related Degrees.

How long will it take to receive my degree?   back to top

The portfolio assessment will take anywhere from 1-3 business days. One you have been approved and pay the program tuition, we will proceed in completing your graduation package. You will receive your degree in about 30-days and often times less. The process depends on how complete your application is, and whether or not we will require additional information from you.

Can I use a degree from Adams College to gain entrance into a traditional graduate school or another institution?   back to top

In simple terms, some schools will accept your degree from Adams College and some may not. In reality, few colleges or universities recognize all credits earned at other institutions. This goes for traditional colleges, such as Harvard or Boston College, as well as non-traditional colleges like Adams College. Therefore, if you wish to use your degree from Adams College as the basis for further education, or to transfer your credits earned at Adams College to another educational institution, we strongly encourage you to contact that institution before pursuing your degree at Adams College to determine their policy regarding transfer credits.

What if I earned an Associate or Bachelor degree from a local College or University. How many of these credits will transfer to Adams College toward my degree program?   back to top

We will transfer all credits earned from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university toward your Adams College Degree.

How much does it cost to obtain a degree from Adams College?   back to top

  • Bachelor Degree $ 399.00
  • Masters Degree $ 499.00
  • PhD $ 599.00
  • Juris Doctor (Law Degree) $ 699.00
  • (not designed for admittance to any state bar exam.)
  • Apostille(authentication from embassy) $ 500.00
Does Adams College offer financial aid program or tuition assistance?   back to top

No. Due to the low cost of our program, Adams does not offer tuition assistance at this time.

More questions?   back to top
Any questions not covered here can be submitted to We will do our best to respond to your question within 4-hours, during normal business hours.