What is Apostille?

Having a document Apostille through a Hague Member Embassy gives the Document:
  • Unquestionable Authentication
  • Legally Unchallengeable
  • And is the best choice for any diploma, degree or transcript.

The Hague Conference?
This is an intergovernmental convention which set about establishing a simplified system to allow documentation originating in one member country, to be easily recognised as authentic in another member country. The norms were established at The Hague Convention of 6th of October 1961.

What is an Apostille?
This is the documentary device by which a government department, usually the State Department, Justice Ministry or Foreign Ministry, authenticates a document as genuine, thereby legalizing it for use in another member country under the terms laid out in 1961.
Once a document has been Apostilled, thereby providing official government authentication of the signatures and stamps appearing on it, it is automatically deemed legalized for use in another member country.

An Apostille consists of the following:
  • (1) name of country from which the document emanates;
  • (2) name of person signing the document;
  • (3) the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted;
  • (4) in the case of unsigned documents, the name of the authority which has affixed the seal or stamp;
  • (5) place of certification;
  • (6) date of certification;
  • (7) the authority issuing the certificate;
  • (8) number of certificate;
  • (9) seal or stamp of authority issuing certificate;
  • (10) signature of authority issuing certificate.
The simplicity and lack of ambiguity has led to the Apostille becoming a favoured form of validation of documents worldwide, even in countries that are not actually signatories to The Hague Conference.

What is the cost of an Apostille?
We charge a fee of $500.00. Because we are dealing with ORIGINAL documents we insist that we receive and return documents by courier.

This fee includes all the administration involved in obtaining the Apostilled copy of your document and then returning it, along with the original, by DHL. Absolutely no further costs are involved.
This fee assumes a single page document. If your document consists of more than one page, the cost is an additional $30.00 per page. Similarly, if you want more than one Apostilled copy the cost is $30.00 for each copy, which must be ordered at the same time and sent to you at the same time as the original.

Why should I get my degree Apostilled?
The simplicity and widespread acceptance of an Apostille, along with its government administered guarantee of authenticity, has resulted in it becoming the most widely used method for legalizing a degree for use internationally. Once a degree has been legalized for use with an Apostille, it is legal for use in any member country.

How long does it take?
Although it is usually much quicker, we guarantee completion within 30-days of receipt.