About Us

Adams College was founded as an online college to meet the educational needs of today's busy working adults. We realize that most career minded, non-degreed individuals, started college with the intention of graduating, getting their degree, and moving forward in their career. Perhaps somehow life got it the way? Family commitments, not enough financial resources for tuition, etc.; whatever the reason for not completing your degree, now is the time to finish a program and get your degree.

In today's business world, most employers will require a college degree for most professional and managerial positions. You owe it to yourself and your family to consider a degree from Adams College. The process is simple and you could be a proud college graduate within 30-days.

Adams College offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorial Degree programs and is accredited by the Central States Council on Distance Education and has made successful application to be Recognized and Accredited by the United Nations Council and the United States Distance Learning Association. Adams is committed to the fundamental values, in which, the college was founded. We evaluate a student's past experience using an experiential learning evaluation process, which helps our instructors understand who you are, what knowledge you possess and apply that to a degree program that will fit your needs.

Adams College is a private institution, which is owned and operated by Reliance Education Corporation. Reliance Education is a Vanuatu International Company.

Adams College has alumni from 78-countries, and has a very active Alumni Association, which is a great resource for career networking. We believe that a degree from Adams College will open doors and create opportunities you never believed would be possible.

Most college graduates see their income rise by as much as 48% within the first year of earning their degree. Imagine a 48% pay raise and what that could mean for you and your loved ones.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@adamscollege-edu.us