Equal opportunities


In accordance with the relevant legislation and consistent with good management practice, the University formally adopted an equal opportunities policy. It confirmed the University's commitment to a comprehensive policy in employment and for students, and to a programme of action to make the policy fully effective. To oversee implementation, the equal opportunities committee was established. Following the Wilson Review the University decided to appoint a designated Equal Opportunities Officer and to change the Equal Opportunities Committee to form the Equal Opportunities Advisory Group.


The University confirms its commitment to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities in employment and for students in which individuals are selected and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within the University. The aim of the policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee, prospective student and students, should receive less favorable treatment on any grounds which are not relevant to good employment practices. The University is committed to a programme of action to make the policy fully effective.

Advisory Group
Terms of Reference

1. To advise Staff Policy Committee on matters relating to the formulation, implementation, evaluation review of equal opportunities policies across the University, and to the fulfillment of the University's Statutory obligations
2. To monitor implementation of equal opportunities policies in the University and, to this end, to receive reports, including statistical data, as requested, from the responsible officers
3. To advise the appropriate committees on student-related matter
4. To receive the views of the Equal Opportunities Forum.

Equal Opportunities

Coordinators Each Budgetary Group has up to two Equal Opportunities Coordinators - nominally one to represent academic/academically-related staff, and the other to represent other staff.

The Equal Opportunities Coordinators are volunteers and their role is:

1. to assist in the implementation of equal opportunities initiatives in the University
2. to report regularly to the Equal Opportunities Forum on progress of equal opportunities issues in their Budgetary Group
3. to provide a focus for equal opportunities issues in their Budgetary Group. The list of the Equal Opportunities Coordinators is available to members of the University

Equal Opportunities Resources


The following are available on loan from the Equal Opportunities Officer:

Maternity and Paternity Rights
Employment Law Handbook

Harassment, bullying and Violence at work
The Industrial Society

A Level Playing Field?
Equality and diversity
A job hunting guide for students and graduates - How to challenge unfair discrimination

A Very Private Affair
by Pam Carter and Tony Jeffs - A book about sexual exploitation in higher education.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Equal Opportunity through new approaches to continuing vocational training for female employees

Equal Opportunities Commission - Publications:

The Sex Discrimination Act and Advertising - guidance notes Guidelines for Equal Opportunities Employers
Code of Practice on Equal Pay
Fair and Efficient Selection
Positive Action in Vocational Education and Training
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
Avoiding Sex Bias in Selection Testing

Appraising People
by Rob Letham and Peter Hill

Sex Discrimination Act 1975

Time off for Trade Union Duties and Activities by ACAS

Micro-Cosmographia Academica - Being a guide for the young academic Politician
by F M Cornford

HIV & Aids
Guide by department of Education and Science

HIV & Aids

Concise Guide to the Custom of Ethnic Minority Religions in Hampshire
published by Portsmouth Diocesan Council for Social Responsibility

Getting it Right - A practical guide to help you manage work, home and your social life.