Save time and money. Education as a Process, not as a Place.

Get our facts first - Earn College Credit for all that you know from life

Where and how learning takes place is no longer a mystery to educators. We live in a global, mobile world where learning is found in the family, at work, in the media, with friends and through personal initiatives, such as travel and self-study.

Trinity College and University gives qualifying adults the opportunity to convert what is learned in life into college degrees, whether that knowledge is from professional or other accomplishments, work, religious or military training or other sources. You may have qualifications now to earn a college degree or college credits by our assessment of your prior learning, testing or portfolio. Our evaluation and assessment may lead to the award of a degree! Or perhaps a Certificate in certain specified areas of study.

Prior Learning Assessment Application

Adult students report that the process of completing our online form - APPLICATION - identifying, articulating and documenting their learning from life - is a positive experience that serves as encouragement for them as they identify and realize all that they learn from work and life experiences. While the process of documenting college-level knowledge is, admittedly, tedious, adults with qualifications often find it invigorating. If you do not have substantial learning achieved through work and life experiences, you will probably find that our process is not of assistance to you. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION FOR ASSESSMENT!

A Pioneer in the Telematic Age

Trinity College and University is one of the earliest distance learning universities founded to serve adults on the Internet. While we do not claim to have invented the concept of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) – the granting of college credit for what is learned from life – we certainly contributed to the evolution of this process. We seek to make available learning opportunities for qualified adults.

Education as a Process, not as a Place

The increasing globalization of work is making age-old teaching methods irrelevant. Today, adult students, especially, need to learn a whole new set of fundamental skills. The age of desk-bound workers is closing, being replaced with workers free to hop from client to client and country to country at the speed of a DSL connection. GETTING STARTED

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