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Q. What percentage of applicants actually gain a college degree from assessing their prior learning and academic background from their application?

A. Less than three percent.

Q. How long does it take to qualify for a degree from Trinity College and University?

A. If the college credit earned is from Prior Learning Assessment, it can take as little as two days or as long as a year or more, depending upon the quality of the application and cooperation of the applicant in gathering documentation requested.

Q. Are you accredited by any of the U.S. regional accrediting agencies that are approved by the U.S. Department of Education, for the purpose of offering federal grants or loans?

A. We offer an educational process, not a place. Our alumni are in all regions of the world, and at last count, residing in over 60 nations. ALL of our services are conducted via electronic delivery means, with NO RESIDENCY requirements. This is the reason we can do what we do for such small fees.

The idea of centralized government control over higher education in the United States was rejected in favor of a system of voluntary regional accreditation organizations. Membership in any one of the several U.S. regional accrediting associations is strictly voluntary. These regional accrediting associations are privately owned and operated and are NOT owned or operated by the U.S. Government or the U.S. Department of Education.

At this time, NONE of the recognized regional accrediting organizations accept as members institutions that are not dedicated to traditional education that requires residency and classroom attendance. Therefore, even if we desire to apply for such accreditation, we could not be considered because we are dedicated exclusively to telematic communications.

However, our programs are accredited by the Association for Online Academic Excellence (, an internationally recognized distance learning accrediting authority.

Q. If I earn a degree through Prior Learning Assessment of knowledge gained from work and life experiences, can my boss verify my degree and the date that I received it?

A. Yes. Anyone authorized by you in writing, may confirm the degree awarded and the date. All requests must be in writing, in order to protect your privacy.

Q. If I am lucky enough to qualify for a degree through Prior Learning Assessment, how do I justify the degree to my employer or others?

A. We do not award college credit for experience and this must be made clear. Professional educators worldwide agree that 'life experience' in and of itself is NOT worthy of college credit. Whatever you do, you must understand this, so that you can explain it to others. What PLA is concerned with is learning, regardless of how it was obtained. We assess the information furnished and gathered, to determine the level of your skills, knowledge and competence that you acquired from your work experience, your voluntary activities, your avocation, your military service, your homemaking experience and knowledge from independent study. In brief, we analyze your "experiential learning" and this term describes legitimately most of the learning that occurs in our lives.

Q. There are other colleges and universities in the world with the word "Trinity". Are you associated with any of these other institutions?

A. Absolutely not. We routinely receive Emails from persons in different parts of the world asking us if we are associated with anyone in Spain or any where else, and the answer is emphatically no. Our associates are listed on the "Contact Us" section of our website.

Q. Are you associated with any religious organization? Do you claim any association with a 'church'?

A. No. We are a privately owned for profit corporation.

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