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Trinity College and University is a non-traditional Internet organization. We are not associated in any way with any other institution of any type bearing the name "Trinity" or any versions or uses of that name. Trinity C&U is a non-denominational, privately owned corporation and does not accept any Federal or other public funds. The work of Trinity C&U and its students is conducted entirely through electronic means using the e-mail, telephone and fax. We have registered a competent and well-qualified group of professors residing in virtually every part of the world. Additionally, TCU has regional offices and operations in Asia, South Asia and elsewhere.

The methods used to assess the background and qualifications of an applicant are proprietary to the university and developed over a course of nearly 20 years. They are, however, based upon factors commonly accepted and used routinely by major human resource organizations when evaluating the knowledge gained by applicants from work and life experiences and how that knowledge is comparable to traditional college and university courses, such as is often done in Civil Service when substituting education credits for work experience or work experience for education credits.

Applicants most likely to succeed with Trinity C&U are those who have significant work experience and knowledge gained from that background and college or university course work completed. WE SPECIALIZE IN ASSESSING ADULTS. Think of us as your 'fourth year' institution and not your beginning one. In other words, unless you have the necessary qualifications of work and educational experience, do not apply.

While our staff makes every effort to assist you, whether you are accepted or approved or not is based entirely upon the information you furnished and, when necessary, verified by us. You help speed this process by responding quickly to requests from our officers for additional information, transcripts, resumes, or other information such as military seminars or DD214's.

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