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The Strassford University hosts a wide variety of degree programmes. Our course materials have been prepared by instructors well versed in their respective fields. Their efforts reflect the most up-to-date use of telematics for the benefit of the serious distance learner.

Degree programmes take three or four years. However, many applicant`s bring to their studies a variety of academically relevant skills and abilities that may reduce the duration of their undergraduate or graduate programmes. Students for example, are encouraged to submit the maximum number of college level equivalency examinations (such as the CLEP or ACE exams in the US or CAT in the UK ).The college also recognises PEP ( the Placement Examination Programme ) and DANTES ( the American Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support tests ).

When an applicant`s education is difficult to define using such formal criteria, Strassford may apply direct work related experience towards credit. This is in line with the growing recognition that as education is relevant to employment, likewise employment is relevant to education. But what should be the assessment mechanism? This is a difficult question - one that the academic community continues to debate. Our assessment criteria are being continuously updated and have been deemed acceptable by ECHOE, with whom we are affiliated.

The listing below gives an indication of the breadth of our offerings. Not all are always available and you are invited to contact the University to receive the latest bulletin of courses.

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