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Introducing the Computer through
Programmed Study

This Stafford mini-course is an important resource
about use of the Computer as an academic tool and for general information gathering. It is intended to serve as an important ongoing reference for those whose computer skills are at an elementary to intermediate level. Introducing the Computer through Programmed Study is available to students free of charge and provides high-quality hands-on practice together with full documentation - including an up-to-date module about the latest software programmes and educational resources. This module is reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Introducing IT Fundamentals
This is a more advanced interactive study package.
It is designed to introduce information and communication technology concepts to students who wish to continue beyond the previous mini-course. Each unit is an exciting and interactive experience in learning, delivered through the use of the latest technologies in telematics.

There are seven modules that cover seven individual topics: hardware, software, information representation, computer languages, information systems, networks, and the Internet. Each unit includes interactive exercises and quizzes that are fun to complete.

English as a Foreign Language
Stafford has developed Anglostudies for overseas students who need to brush up on their English reading and writing skills before engaging themselves in full time academic study. Through Anglostudies, students have access to a complete interactive and collaborative programme for developing their written fluency in the English language. Emphasis is placed on grammar and on written skills, rather than vocalization or verbal communication. There are over 60 hours of interactive lesson materials in Anglostudies for self-study or group work.


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