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Stafford hosts a wide variety of degree programmes, some of which are listed here.
These have been combined with course materials prepared by instructors well versed in their respective fields. Our goal is to integrate formal requirements and professional skills in a manner that reflects the most up-to-date use of distance-learning modalities to benefit the accomplished learner.

Degree programmes take three or four years. However, many applicants bring to their studies a variety of academically relevant skills and abilities that reduce this period. Candidates are encouraged to submit the maximum number of college level equivalency examinations (such as the CLEP or ACE exams in the US or CAT in the UK ).The college also recognizes PEP ( the Placement Examination Program) and DANTES (the American Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support tests).

When an applicant's education is difficult to define within formal criteria, Stafford may apply work related experience directly for credit. This is in line with the growing recognition that just as education is relevant to employment, so is employment relevant to education.

But what of the assessment mechanism itself? This is a difficult question - one that the academic community continues to debate. That is why we are continuously updating the principles and guidelines that we use to determine eligibility.

The list below gives a partial indication of the breadth of our course offerings. It is not meant to be exhaustive list of our offerings but rather reflects some of the more popular business and technical subjects. You may inquire about your particular field by contacting the Registrar's Office.



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