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Stafford offers the qualified student a balanced academic framework that emphasizes both accrued knowledge and acquired skills.

Most college and university curricula accentuate theoretical learning. Stafford, however, is home to a respected experiment in distance learning that places more weight on the application of learned skills. Through its university degree programme, Stafford endeavours to help thousands of regular and mature students to realize their diverse educational and career goals.

The prospective Stafford student should wish to follow a rigorous programme of study that mixes academic relevance with practical work experience. For those who qualify, we offer a range of formal scholarship opportunities within a framework of innovative methodologies and approaches.

The past several decades have been characterized by rapid technological growth, and this success has led to advances in many fields, particularly in cybernetics and telecommunications. These advances continue to be predicated on a supply of highly educated and adaptable personnel. Stafford has responded to this need by mediating between stringent academic standards on one hand and a pragmatic dedication to practical education on the other.

Our assessment process culminates in a course-by-course outline of the requirements necessary for achieving a recognized degree. These take into account the criteria, principles, and guidelines formulated by the European Council for Home and Online Education (ECHOE).

Detailed course materials, book lists and completion schedules are issued with the registration package each student receives upon admission. We invite you to contact us for more detailed information about the courses and about the scope of our offerings.


For more information about Stafford University, please call us at
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