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Distance Learning can be defined as a system and a process that connects learners with distributed learning resources. It is characterized by a geographical and temporal separation of the instructor from the student and of students among themselves.

Studies have proven that distance learning results in a quickened rate of knowledge transfer between expert instructors and their students.Interaction between the student and the instructor is conducted through one or more of the electronic media such as video networking but Stafford students may also send their written work to our College Terrace address.

The benefits of distance learning include on-demand learning that is independent of rigid schedules. At Stafford, a student can continue with his/her present employment while pursuing a chosen programme of study. In addition, many students report increased motivation from the use of these new technologies because of speedier corrective feedback. Fluctuations arising from class numbers or socioeconomic background are virtually eliminated.

All this results in a more efficient use of resources. We have eliminated the need for expensive classroom space which, in turn, is reflected in lower tuition costs. In effect, our campus buildings are encompassed by the homes and offices of our students around the world.

A flexible approach to curriculum is the very hallmark of the Stafford tradition. What was previously achieved through small classes now finds its analogous expression in technologies that place a corresponding emphasis on personal learning and individualized feedback mechanisms. To introduce and familiarize our students with these features, we have prepared a number of short non-credit learning modules. You can access information about them on the Projects page, where they are described in more detail.


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