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Shaftesbury House, the precursor to Shaftesbury University, was founded in 1890 during the reign of Queen Victoria as an educational centre for those aspiring to the highest academic standards of achievement.

The Victorian era had been a time of rapid industrial growth, and this success led to later advances in shipbuilding, the aircraft industry, missile technology textiles and telecommunications. Progress was predicated on a supply of highly educated, adaptable and skilful individuals. Shaftesbury responded by mediating between stringent academic standards on one hand and a pragmatic commitment to popular education on the other.

Our current admissions policy continues to reflect this dual commitment.
A preliminary evaluation determines the candidates proficiency level. However, relevant verifiable employment skills are also taken into account as part of the admissions process. This combined approach allows for wider accessibility by encouraging applicants to include course-relevant work experience in their submissions. Our assessment criteria are currently approved by the European Council for Home and Online Education . Upon registration, the University will provide a written assessment of the candidate`s current standing and an outline of the academic requirements for a recognized degree.

Applicants from the United States are advised that European institutions do not issue interim transcripts. However, the Office of Student Records will provide Americans with course listings that functionally realise the transcript's informational role.

We invite you to contact us for further information about our admissions procedures and about the scope of our offerings. You will surely appreciate the flexible scheduling, free of traditional time/place constraints, that are the hallmark of our degree programmes.

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